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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Resolution Reality-Check

It's 17 days into the New Year....Are you one of the over 50% of American's who resolved to slim down, tone up, or just feel better about your body? If so...how's that resolution coming along?

Well, here's some motivating news that might get you going.   *Drum Roll*

Women who participate in group classes have a better chance of achieving their body goals! (Especially Pole-fitness classes!)

Not only do women in group classes get a better body, but they also gain friends, confidence, and some new tricks along the way! What's better than losing weight, gaining self esteem, and gaining great gal-friends? How about Ryan Reynolds naked in your bed? Well, duh! But seriously though, get Ryan Reynolds naked in my bed ;)

Anywho, when participating in a group exercise class, you tend to push yourself harder. Why? Doing things as a group gives you a psychological bond because the group is going through and doing the same thing and likely have similar goals. Not only do you push yourself more, you have a stronger commitment to do it more often and not give up. Working out alone often gives you opportunities to cut it short or just give it up all together. You have a greater sense of accountability and therefore come to classes more often.

Still not motivated? How about paying for classes? Women who pay for a class or membership are much more likely to shed some pounds. Memberships make you feel like you'd be wasting money if you didn't go and participate.

So get out there and join a group fitness class. Become that lean, mean, hot-girl machine you always dreamed of being and feel sexy doing it!
These are just a few of the group classes that Urban Studio has to offer: Beginner Pole Dance, Exotic Chair Dance, Booty Pop & Clap, Sexy Flexy Stretch, Intermediate/Advanced Pole Dance, Booty Pop & Pole, Zumba, Video Vixen and more!
For information on our classes, click HERE.

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