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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Your Bachelorette Pole Party - planning tips

If you are looking for a SEXY bachelorette party idea, then a pole dancing bachelorette party may be the right choice for you! Many bachelorettes are opting for this new favorite party activity in Nashville.

Pole dancing parties are super fun and the perfect way to celebrate with the girls before you say I DO! What is a pole party? Visit our website for complete package descriptions, pricing and scheduling info.

See below for a list of party ideas and help in planning the BEST POLE DANCING PARTY EVER!

Step 1: Pick a theme for your party:

A few theme Ideas for the Nashville Bride...
  • Sexy in the city - a girls weekend of wining, dining and exploring
  • Lingerie/Sin City - naughty attire (corsets, satin and lace)
  • Bright and Beautiful 80's - neon wigs and fishnets
  • Classy and Sassy - black cocktail dresses and martinis
  • Nash Trash - gettin' shitty in music city! Matching shirts and shot glasses
  • Yeeee Haw! Cowgirl's last ride before she's a bride - Honky tonks and bull riding

Step 2: Find a sexy invitation:

 ~ Evite offers a decent selection of e-card bachelorette party invitations. Not only are the designs sleek, but you can also track attendance and easily update information.

~ Get in touch with your crafty side and create adorable DIY bachelorette invitations. Just go to www.pinterest.com and type "Bachelorette Invitation" into the search box and you will find tons of fabulous DIY card ideas.  

~ Opt for easy and order one of these professional, sultry invitations from the Paper Divas, which we LOVE! Grab some stamps and go the traditional snail mail route.

~ If you haven't found what you're looking for yet, check out these 50 Bachelorette Party Invitations by Squidoo.

Step 3: Attire Preparations:

Decide on the theme attire and fill everyone else in on the details. Remember to wear something you can move around in. If the party is a surprise, pack a bag for the bachelorette so she has something to wear at her pole party, such as shorts, a tank and a pair of heels - they can even be a gift to her.

Already booked your party and waiting with anticipation for the big day? Test your skills with this pole dancing game.

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