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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sassy Leg-Wear!

Sorry we've been on hiatus! But don't fret! We are back!
What is one of the greatest accessories for pole dancing that give you that sexy edge? LEG-WEAR!
Leg-wear is such a great accessory! Leg-wear can be so versatile, fun, and sexy! They also come in so many different styles! Some of our favorites include;
Leggings legwear style
 You can't go wrong with some simple black legwarmers! These are simply sexy! They come in a wide array of colors, like neon pink, purple, green, and orange. But, the black is always a go-to!

Leggings legwear style sexy
 Want something edgy? Then these are perfect for you! These leggings are opaque with slash details. These would be fun to wear to party in!

sexy legwear style
 Looking for something a bit more classy? These knit leg warmers are so cute and give you a classy look with some sex-appeal!

Fishnet style leggings
There is nothing sexier than some fishnet thigh-highs with a cute bow on them! Super inexpensive and they have rhinestones on the bow for that extra sparkle!
Find them here! 

sexy legwear legwarmers style clubwear

 Now for something with bit of color! Rainbow leg warmers are a fun way to brighten up the pole fitness wardrobe! Plus, how you can you not feel fun in these?!
Find them here! 

Sassy legwear
Finally, show everyone what a star you are with these adorable legwarmers! Simple yet fun!
Find them here!

Let us know what fun leg-wear you find and paste in in the comments! We love being told about new accessories!

Happy Pole Dancing!

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