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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Emma Watson...Pole dancing bad girl?

Oh, Emma Watson has grown up so much since her days as the magic-making Hermione. She is starring in a new film called "The Bling Ring" and is getting quite a buzz!
Emma Watson

"The Bling Ring" is a movie by Sofia Coppola and is based on the actual events of a group of young adults who steal from celebrities like Paris Hilton.
Emma had to take up pole dancing for this role. She has a small scene where she is pole dancing for some friends. She said,
"I did learn to pole dance for the film, and I have a small pole dancing scene. But it’s not a performance for anyone else, it’s just me messing around with my friends. I took lessons.
I had this surreal experience where I was studying the modernists, writing about Virginia Woolf on Friday night, then driving to London for pole dancing classes on Saturday morning.
I was incredibly ungraceful at first. The upper-body strength and the core strength you need to do it gracefully is crazy.
I take my hat off to the women who can do it. You have to be incredibly strong."

Check out the official trailer here;

  I can't wait to see this movie!

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