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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Booty Pop & Clap

If you haven't been to Booty Pop & Clap class, you have got to come at least once! I promise after one time, you will be hooked!
booty poppin clapping video girls

I will admit, before I took this class, I thought it was just going to be a bunch of people standing in front of the mirror watching their booty pop up and down. I was pleasantly surprised when I took the class. I guess the whole "don't judge a book by its cover" applies here. Lesson learned!
I figured that this shabby white girl couldn't make her booty do anything other than jiggle. But, I started the class with some optimism and tried my best to "pop it." I started to have a lot of fun and the moves were challenging enough to make me work up a sweat.
Booty poppin clappin urban studio nashville
After learning how to pop my booty in a couple different styles that would make SirMixALot drool, the class was taught how to move our hips, which sounds simple enough, but there actually is a method to the madness. We were also taught some cool tricks, like how to isolate certain muscles.
Not only will you learn how to shake it better than the girls in the videos, you will be learning how to tone that backside so it will look amazing while you are shaking it! Before you know it, you'll have a better behind than Kim K. or Beyonce!
booty poppin clappin urban studio buttbooty poppin clappin urban studio butt

If you are all excited to sign up for this class, click here and you will be taken straight to our class schedule. You can sign up for Booty Pop & Clap, as well as any other classes we offer.
AAAANNNNDDD, speaking of other classes, did you see Urban Studio's Spin, Climb, and Flow class was mentioned as one of the best dance classes in America by Marie Claire. Yea, AMERICA. THE BEST. MARIE CLAIRE. If that hasn't convinced you to join Spin, Climb, and Flow, I don't know what will!  Check that out here!

heart your booty urban studio booty poppin clappin


  1. My friends and I recently took a class during my best friend's bachelorette weekend!

    I highly reccommend it to anyone.

    I wrote a blog all about it @

  2. We are glad you enjoyed the class! We love what you wrote about "Booty Pop & Clap", too! Thanks for the love!