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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flexibility & Floorplay

If you haven't had the opportunity to try Flexibility & Floorplay, keep reading because we're dishing the details of this super hot class!

You may have been to or heard of flexibility and stretching classes, but Urban Studio has taken this task to a whole new level! No, we're not talking about yoga! This is a seriously sexy stretching class called Flexibility & Floorplay and it will have you feeling long, limber AND playful in just 60 minutes.

Flexibility & Floorplay
The class starts with simple, light stretches combined with feline-like movement to get you warmed up and feeling good. This is done to some great chill music, allowing you to leave your worries behind and focus on your body's slow and sultry movements. By the end of the floor work, your body will feel longer and eager for more. 
Class then shifts to complex stretching - intense stretches that may make you feel slightly uncomfortable at times. But don't fret! The instructor provides alternative stretches and easier versions for every level of flexibility. This allows beginners to work on the same muscle group without as much difficulty.
Students attending class
Look at those splits! Amazing!

The class focuses on different parts of the body, too. One week you will be working on your splits. The next week you may be working on your shoulders or back. You can never get bored at this class!

The best part of Flexibility & Floorplay is that everything you learn can be practiced at home and integrated as part of your daily routine. Your instructor will teach you how to use, not only the floor, but also ordinary objects, such as walls and chairs to increase your flexibility. Remember to take note of the proper technique before attempting these stretches at home. Some of them should be done with a partner and/or supervision.

Raven showing her flexibility
Raven - Master of Flexibility

If you didn't get an intense core workout, then you didn't come to THIS class because it will AB-solutely strengthen your oh-so-hard-to-tone middle section. Your instructor will guide you through a challenging, but attainable core workout.

Before you know it, you will be able to do the splits, bend in half and possibly lift your legs over your head... if you really want to!

Let us know what you think of Urban Studio's Flexibility & Floorplay class if you have attended one. We love feedback! And if you haven't attended, sign up here: Class Registration. Reserve your spot in advance because this popular class often fills up before class begins.

Happy Stretching!
Urban Studio

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