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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nashville Street Poling 101

So you've learned a few pole dance moves and you're ready to hit the town and show them off! Get ready because we're going to tell you how and where to go.
First & foremost...
Street pole at your own risk. It can be dangerous, so please be careful. Do not attempt to street pole if you have never pole danced before and/or if you are under the influence of alcohol.

What is street poling you ask?

   street noun a public thoroughfare, usually paved, in a town, or city, including the sidewalk
   poling verb the act of using a pole for any purpose.

   Also known as Urban Poling or Outdoor Poling.

Street Poling is the act of pole dancing on any object that resembles a pole. This can include street signs, pipes, flag poles, lamp posts, etc. The entire world becomes your giant playground. Street Poling is a known side effect of being a pole enthusiast. Why keep the fun behind closed doors? Show your skills to the world!

Warning: The excitement of pole dancing can be difficult to control in public and may lead to overly annoyed family/friends and possibly being banned from a playground.

How to Street Pole Effectively


Clothing: Be sure to wear clothing that is optimal for pole dancing, such as shorts and a tank top. Wear shoes that are easy to slide off and back on in case you have to leave very, very quickly. Remember not to wear lotion that day.

Materials: Always keep wipes, napkins and pole grip in your purse. Use the wipes to clean the "pole" and then dry with the napkins. This will ensure a safer grip. You can also use the pole grip for extra gripping ability. Bring a camera so you can document the undertaking.

Stretch: Be sure to stretch adequately before street poling. No one wants to pull a muscle in the name of fun!

Weather: Check the weather. Street poling is best on a sunny, warm day. It is not advised to do it in the rain and especially not a good idea during thunderstorms and lightening.


There are tons of great places to street pole in Nashville, Tennessee! Here are a few:

Second & Broadway - There are many objects that resemble poles in this busy bar and restaurant district. The Hard Rock CafĂ© has a great brass awning that works well.

Centennial Park - light posts, playgrounds or bring your portable stage pole and set it up by the Parthenon replica.

Shelby Bottoms Park - playground, swing sets, and it's a nice place to enjoy a sunny day.

Street poling

Urban Students on street poles

Nashville Courthouse

Nicole street poling

Street poling in Park

downtown street poling


Now that you have everything prepared and ready to go, gather a friend or two and head out to one of the locations above or go on an adventure and find one of your own.

Once you have located a sturdy pole-like structure, use your wipes to clean and disinfect the "pole". Then dry it with a towel or napkins and apply grip to your hands if needed.

Remember to have your friend close by in case you need a spotter and to snap pictures.

Have fun Street Poling and be sure to leave comments and send us your pictures! 

Best Street Poling Videos on YouTube

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