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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ways to keep new mommies sane

In honor of Kim Kardashian giving birth and Princess Kate getting ready to, we decided to focus our attention today on new mothers. Here are a few tips on how new mommies can avoid losing their $hit while getting used to having a new little one around.

New mothers tips
They both look so elegant! (Kim finally found a flattering maternity dress!)

Ain't nobody got time for that...

Many experts recommend new moms have a set schedule in place. Keep track of nap and feeding times for about a week and use those times to create and maintain a schedule. This will help take the stress and guess work out of figuring out why the baby gets fussy. New mothers have to wake up all hours of the night to keep baby fed and happy, so the new mom loses sleep and can become CA-RAY-ZAY. Napping while baby is napping will help tone down the going crazy part. The baby also needs a ton of sleep since it's little brain is developing quickly, so moms should take that opportunity to get some ZzZzZz's.

Keep a baby schedule
Condensed Version

Mommy needs some do, re, ME time...

New moms need to remember that they absolutely need to set aside some time for themselves. Whether that means a day at the spa, a movie with the girls, or an hour sitting in the living room reading a magazine. Many sites suggest joining a sports league, taking exercise classes (This is where Beginner Pole Dance and Flexibility & Floorplay come in handy!), start a garden, or just walk around a shopping mall/store. BTW - Many cosmetic counters inside department stores will give free mini facials or makeovers. Take advantage of that, especially moms on a budget!

No matter how needy your family is or how much daddy screws up, Momma still needs "me time" to stay sane. Let daddy or family pitch in to take care of the baby a few hours each week. This will do wonders for mom's happiness.

Make mom time
SWEET FREEDOM!!!! (Insert war cry)
Keep your Big Girl Panties on...

Let's face it, new moms are often so busy tending to baby's needs, that they get sucked into baby world! Make sure mom gets in enough adult time. Have adult conversations over the phone once a day, host a game night, read a book, or do some Sudoku or crossword puzzles. New moms should continue to challenge their brain so they don't feel their I.Q. dropping points or start talking goo goo ga ga gibber in public.

Stay focused
Big words! Full sentences! I feel so grown up!

New mothers think alike...

Your single days are long gone! You don't need to forget about your single friends, but you should definitely friend other new mothers. You will enjoy bonding over baby moments, sharing tips and advice and going out on dates. Not the kind of dates you fantasize about - we're talking about play dates. This is the perfect excuse to go outside, get some sunshine (vitamin D) and socialize with another mom like yourself. The babies will love it too!

Please share YOUR New Mommy tips below!

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