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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Drinking and aging; The app that proves it!

Listen up party girls, rock stars, and all you drinkers! Put down the drinks because we all know drinking is terrible for your body. It can affect your weight, brain, esophagus, heart, liver, kidneys, and pretty much every organ in your body. But, it can also age your face horribly! And yes, there is an app for showing you what drinking does to your appearance. The "Drinking Mirror" app can really help you cut back on your drinking because it ages your face 10 years and distorts your face so you can see what you would look like if you drink the way you do now!

Drinking and Aging App

Scotland has started a campaign called the, "Drop a glass size campaign." The campaign is to raise awareness for the recommended alcohol guidelines, which they apparently don't follow too closely across the pond because the percentage of women deaths due to alcohol has doubled in the past 20 years. The "Drinking Mirror" app was developed to target women who may not realize the harmful affects of alcohol on their beautiful faces.

Now, to demonstrate how scary this app can be, look at the following picture of yours truly and be prepared to be so scared you'll either A) Put the drinks down for good or B) Continue drinking, but buy every anti-aging cream on the market!

Jennifer's aging
I am not sure why the one on the right looks high, but apparently drinking 10+ drinks a week will cause red eyes and rosacea! Get me some Visine!

Now let's "Drinking Mirror" some others!

10 years of aging
Apparently Tonya doesn't get red eyes and skin. Not fair!
A man's aging
My husband doesn't know I "Drink Mirror"'ed him! Shhh... It's a good thing he doesn't drink very often.
 And now for some celebs!
Celebrity Aging 10 years
She still looks kind of pretty in the last one. Tired and pale, but pretty.

Angelina in 10 years
Angelina still ends up looking alright.

Halle aging 10 years
I am not sure why Halle got the worst of it (probably because her original photo was less shopped!), but OUCH!

This app is only $0.99 and is pretty entertaining. If you know someone who is vain and a drinker, tell them about this app. It will probably help them in the long run.



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PS- Yes, we joke a lot. But, if you know someone with a serious drinking problem, get them help. Contact Family First Intervention (Or any intervention service you find fitting). Family First Intervention - Tennessee area .

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