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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our favorite YouTube pole dancers

There are some amazing pole dancers on YouTube. We have compiled a few of our favorites for you to enjoy!


MissDirdyBirdy gives great tips on how to achieve the perfect trick moves. She is also great about giving strengthening exercises so you can do the tricks well. And, she has really cute pole gear so make sure you check that out here. Our favorite videos;

This one is a sultry move that anyone can learn.

She is so graceful!

Greta Pontarelli

This woman is incredible. She is 62 years old and can get into a perfect Jade Split quicker than Paula Deen can say "Butter." Check out some of our favorite videos from Greta Pontarelli:

It amazes me how strong and elegant she is! 

BTW- She was on American Ninja Warrior! 

Jagged - Jessica Anderson-Gwin

We are not playing favorites just because we personally know Jessica. She made this list because she is phenomenal! Her choreography is natural and complex. She has been on America's Got Talent (twice), created Jagged (a contemporary pole dance company) AND has a documentary about her pole journey, called Off The Floor. Here are a couple of our favorite JAG performances.

This is a great preview of all the different dances they incorporate with pole.

This is a great routine to LMFAO's "Sexy and I know it" performed at Exit In.

Robyn Rooke

Robyn is from the U.K. And, BOY! Do they love pole dancing over there! Robyn has fluidity with her movement and flows into each move effortlessly. These are our favorite videos of hers;

She puts these combos together perfectly!

She can also do a great routine without even getting off the floor!

If you didn't see your favorite YouTube pole dancer, be sure to post a link in the comments!

Happy Poling!

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