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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coyote bar dancing or chair dancing... what's the difference?

Coyote Bar Top Dance

MFA specializes in private parties for ladies nights out, bachelorette parties and birthday parties. With eight different party packages available, party planners are sure to find the perfect way to celebrate with the girls.

But, how do I choose? What is the difference?
This is a question we hear often! Everyone knows what pole dancing is, and many ladies ask what the difference is between the Exotic Chair Dance Party and the Coyote Dance Party.

If most of the girls in your party are cheeky, wild, bold, saucy, and/or brazen, then the Coyote Bar Top dancing is for you! 

We teach you how to strut your stuff so you can go out and show off your moves on bar tops across Nashville! Not only is it a fun way to be the most bad-ass looking bunch of chicks around, but you will surprise everyone when you climb up on the bar and let them know what kind of party this is!

 Plus, this is Nashville! Home of Country Music stars like Alan Jackson, Dolly Parton, Faith Hill, Keith Urban, Sara Evans, as well as rock stars like Jack White, Black Keys, Kings of Leon and so many more. So, a good ole' bar dance is perfect for this country town with a twist! (For more information on Coyote Bar Top Dance, check out this recent blog about it!)

If most of the girls in your party are spicy, racy, seductive, risque, suggestive, and/or flirtatious, then the Chair Dance is for you!

Chair Dancing
Add some sultry to your party with a Chair Dance!
The Chair Dance is a great one to take home and show the love of your life a little something you learned while you were away.
Chair Dance lesson

 We show you how to be enticing and provocative with sensual moves on the floor and chair that will have your partner breathless. And, you will learn how to flirt with your eye, lips, and hips. So if you want to be confident in your sex-appeal, seduce someone, and do it all with nothing but you and a chair, choose a Chair Dance for your party.

Group photos

Either way, you win!

Happy Partying!

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