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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shoes For Every Mood

Shoes. Just the word is calming and promising.  Shhhhhhhhhoooes. If the eyes are the window to the soul then our feet are the vehicle for the sole, and nothing is more important than being true to your soul. Look at us, we've gone all existential - but we can't help it! Shoes are practically a religion.  The right shoe at the right time can spring board a girl into the stratosphere.  Well, ladies, shoe heaven has arrived.  Have a shoe for every mood in your life and, girl, you're unstoppable!

You're perfectly fine with all eyes on you when you feel fabulous.  Often that means bright colors or showing some skin.  This peep toe heel gives you BOTH!  If your goal is to control a room with only your footwear, then you can't go wrong with a bright orange, five inch, strappy sandal.
Red Heels

Sometimes though, heels are just not gonna work. The Comedy Night Sneaker leaves room for comfort in your shoe wardrobe.  Wear them to the beach with a strapless dress or don some skinny jeans and head out to your favorite bar. BOOM! Good to go at the drop of a hat. These shoes are versatile, sweet, and eye catching without being over the top.
Blue Flats

Feeling a little... unique?  These shoes will back you up.  

Ladies (or gentlemen) meet the On Hop of the World Flats. Even the name is cute.  You're welcome.

Every girl needs a good pair of thigh high boots for those nights when she needs to feel 100% in control. If you know what I mean... Sometimes a shoe for every mood can take a girl to a dark place; and thigh high black patent leather is our favorite dark place!
Sexy Tall Boots

The girl who wears the above boots at night needs a pair of less domanatrixy shoes for her day time no-nonsense needs. The right shoe for every mood is important and, honey, these will make you feel powerful and competent and sexy without trying too hard.
Sleek black heels


Delicate and feminine, how could you not love a shoe with a heart carved into the side? The wedge heel is super comfortable and doesn't require a lot of balance when you're locking eyes with the hot guy across the room. The last thing you want is to be knocked off your feet, LITERALLY! They'll be eating out of the palm of your hand with this one - or the sole of your foot, as the case may be. Knock 'em dead!
Flirty wedges

Often, your mood strays to a wicked place. We have a shoe for every mood - including wild and crazy! Get your party on with these gorgeous blood-red suede shoes. The rhinestone skull and crossbones add just the right amount of danger to the chunky mini boot without the risk of slipping into 'goth' territory. They also come in dark blue and forest green, so you can pick your poison before you strut your stuff.
Red skull and bones heels

Betsy Johnson is a household name for a reason!  These far out platforms would be part of that reason.  Miss Fit Academy holds several weekly Pole Dance classes, so we know a thing or two about sky high heels. Break out your flat iron and your flare jeans and prepare to boogie long and hard in these surprisingly comfortable shoes.

Oooh La La.  There's "weird" and then there's "Gaga". Who knew one could buy shoes like this! Really though, lets face it, only Gaga should do Gaga, anyway. Hot damn if her foot wear isn't always entertaining!
Ga Ga Heels

- written by JLK