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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cattiest Cats on the Internet

Cattiness is never appreciated in life.  As an aerial studio that caters mostly to women, cattiness is just not allowed.  The patrons of Miss Fit Academy stick together and are supportive of one another in a non-judgmental and fun environment.  It's important to empower our sisters as we teach many feline-like moves on the hoop, pole, silks, chair and the floor. These cats apparently didn't get the memo. 

The internet can be a very catty place, and these kitties elevate such cattiness to an art form.

#5. Toilet Paper Kitty
This cat is the only one allowed to be pissed.
Maybe this cat's owners forgot to feed him.  Maybe they didn't love him on command.  Maybe the red dot finally got to him; we'll never know.  All we know for sure is that this kitty is pissed and his rage came out in the form of toilet paper carnage.  Look at the mess! Kitty don't even care. He's only the start on our count down of the cattiest cats of the internet and thus the LEAST hateful… and that's saying something because toilet paper is hella' expensive these days.

#4. Not A Star Wars Fan Kitten
who doesn't like yoda?
Burn me you have.
     Ooooooh, what a mean little thing! We'd like to know the exchange that lead up to this devastating zinger.  Was it like when little humans fight?  Did someone call somebody else a 'doodyhead'?  Even if this baby's litter mate doesn't appreciate the shape of his head, I think I speak for the internet when I say WE LOVE YOUR WEIRDLY SHAPED NOGGIN, LITTLE DUDE! Sibling rivalry is hard, man. Surely this kitten had no trouble finding a home… even if he does look an awful lot like Stewie Griffin.

#3. This Jerk
Cat toilet
You vomits, I sits. 
     What. A. Jerk.  This poor girl has obviously been through something awful or awesome, it's hard to tell.  Leave it to a cat to add insult to injury. Our precious fur babies love us on their terms and apparently disapprove of us on their terms as well.  If you're not feeding them then you're furniture; warm furniture that they will lounge upon as they see fit.

#2. Princess Priscilla 
Fluff Cat
     Oh, LAWD that look could freeze lava. Icicle daggers just shooting out all over the place.  Somebody forget to brush you, Priscilla?  Do you find your slaves wanting?  Human beings just not cat-like enough to earn your respect? Seriously, kitty.  You look like the villain in a mediocre summer blockbuster where two kids have to save the world from an evil feline who's trying to brainwash all of humanity into draining the oceans because, water.  Just a bad, bad cat.

#1. Grumpy Cat
grumpy cat
I had fun once.  It was awful.
     Which brings us to the number one spot on our countdown.  The infamous Grumpy Cat.  While Priscilla, Queen of the Hairballs, looks like the cat version of a bond villain, Grumpy Cat is known the world over for her catty attitude.  It's to the point where you can't lurk around on the internet anymore without running into her mean mug just wishing ill upon us all.  Grumpy Cat is even a film star and is reportedly worth $80 million dollars. She's the most famous cat in the world because she's so aggressively grumpy that we want to talk baby talk at her annoyed expression while she tries feebly to consume our soul.  She hates us all, but it's so damn cute I almost want to give her my soul just because she tries so hard.

Come fly with us at Miss Fit Academy and leave the catty cat-centeric cyberspace at home.

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