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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nashville Girls Weekend Hot Spots

Your typical touristy destinations in Nashville include The Country Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Ole Opry, and the Ryman auditorium to name a few. Bless their hearts, it's all so country!  Not all of Nashville's treasures are hidden, and the old school gems are not to be missed, but Nashville has become a hipster mecca in recent years attracting record numbers of visitors.  It's small enough to escape that big city vibe but large enough to find just about anything your heart desires.  If you want an insiders take on a girls weekend in the Music City, do NOT miss these:

Miss Fit Academy 

Pole dancing in NashvilleSpin.  Strut.  Twerk.  Swing.  Gyrate. Wigglewigglewiggle.  If those verbs sound like fun then Miss Fit Academy is the place for you!! MFA hosts pole dancing, exotic chair dance, coyote cabaret, and aerial hoop parties. Be prepared to step to some exciting yet simple dances, laugh a lot, get to know your girls better than you ever thought possible, and maybe even learn something you can take home to your special someone! Regardless of whether you choose to fly, slink, spin or YEEEEHAW with us, this is easily the most fun you could possibly have with your girlfriends!

The Escape Game 
escape game
This unassuming building is hiding something AWESOME!
Like games? Do you go red in the face at the mere mention of Zelda's infamous Water Temple? Then look no further for your go-to awesome Nashville adventure.  Use your ingenuity and inspired team work to escape from one of several rooms using only the clues provided.  Together, you and your girlfriends will solve the puzzle and find your way out in an allotted amount of time.  Pick a room; "The Heist", "Nashville Escape", or "Underground Playground"  and follow your brain to greatness! This unique bonding experience is totally worth the price at $27 dollars per person.

Take A Tour
Nashville is quickly becoming a hopping tourist destination and guided tours are sprouting up all over to provide for the masses.  Our favorites are the Music City PubCrawl- a $15, 2 hour walking tour that frequents some of   
pedal tavern
Par-TAY comin' through
downtown Nashville's hippest watering holes, and Nashville Pedal Tavern- a 2.5 hour, people-powered bar on wheels that takes your party on one of several routes around the city.  Private tours on the Nashville Pedal Tavern will run you about $300.

Trivia Nights
Trivia nights are a super popular free activity around our city these days.  The games are a great way to use your collective useless knowledge to win prizes. These games are often held in bars and we all know alcohol makes us experts in everything, or at least not care if we get the question wrong! So put away your cell phone, pick your night, and enjoy!

Sundays-     Riverfront Tavern- 8:00pm 
                   Kay Bobs- 8:00pm 
Mondays –   Drifters- 8:00pm
                   Mellow Mushroom- 8:00pm
                   Sam's Sports Bar (Hillsboro)- 8:00pm
Tuesdays –   Flying Saucer (21+) – 7:30pm & 9:30pm,
                    Crows Nest- 8:00pm
Wednesday – Sam’s Sports Bar (Hillsboro) – 8:00pm
                    The Beer Sellar- 8:00pm
Thursdays –  Jackalope (21+)- 8:00pm
                    3 Crow Bar- 8:00pm

Bluebird Cafe
blue bird cafeOn Mondays' open mike night, you never know who will get up on stage at the Bluebird Cafe.  In a city filled with musicians, you could easily run into anyone from Vince Gill to Jack White to Justin Timberlake (a recent Nashville resident).  The Foo Fighters' Dave Ghrol is known to just show up from time-to-time! Nashville is famous for spawning artists such as The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Paramore, and Megan Trainor so "unsigned night" at The Bluebird is no joke.  The Bluebird Cafe has live music every other night and reservations can be made online.

*Honorable mention*
Just all of it. Nashville has some of the best food in the South.  From down-home cheese grits to fusion food fit for fancy frivolity. Everybody has to eat, and even if these aren't attractions per se, they still should not be missed. 
The Pancake Pantry (Prepare to wait in line and be happy about it.)
400 degrees (Fried chicken sooooo good it might make Colonel Sanders retire in shame.)
Tin Angel (Never had fried green tomatoes??  You're welcome.)
Rose Pepper Cantina (Upscale mexican food and festive margarita mecca)
Loveless Cafe (Best biscuits you've ever had)
The Silly Goose (Farm-to-table goodness)

- written by JLK

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