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Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Short History of Pole Dance

Pole dancing boasts a decidedly international origin. It began independently in several countries around the world centuries ago. Pole dancing originated firstly in 12th century India as "mallakhamb" and apparently is so popular in the culture that it has its own theme song. A "mallakhamb" is a wooden, roughly eight foot high pole that is slightly larger around the circumference of the base. Suddenly, at the top, a table leg! For grip, we guess? Mallakhamb was intended as a training regimen for wrestlers before the people of India decided that said training produced dynamic and animated routines.

Secondly, in China, pole dancing resonated within the ancient art of acrobatics. Chinese pole is usually performed with two poles and is bite-your-fingernails-all-the-way-off-exciting! Acrobats would wear mostly silk (yikes!) and flip death defyingly between poles. Many of the most impressive pole tricks have been plucked from the Chinese tradition. In the United States, pole dancing began in the circus. During the Great Depression, roving troupes would entertain the unemployed masses with side show acts that included girls in tents dancing suggestively on a stage. The dancers soon made use of the tent poles and there was no turning back!
Hey Sailor
Hey, sailor.

Modern pole dancing is an amalgamation of all three cultures. The gravity defying tricks are borrowed from both Indian and Chinese roots. The footwear and sex appeal adds an American flavor. Many countries have since put their own signature on pole dancing, deepening the creative gene pool that is seen on YouTube. Thus, a mobius strip of ever inspiring greatness will crisscross the globe with every new generation of pole dancers.

Now that you know the history, come try a new spin on Pole Dancing! Our shiny new Spin Pole class adds a new dimension to pole dancing for our students.  Recent California transplant, Sherry, guides our girls on choosing the right tricks for spin pole, proper technique to slow down or speed up, and how to avoid getting dizzy. We hope to see you there!

Spin Pole class: Wednesdays 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm
At Miss Fit Academy: 265 Hermitage Avenue, Nashville, TN 37210
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Spin Pole at Miss Fit Academy with Sherry

- written by JLK

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