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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Five Exciting Bachelorette Party Themes

Often a Bachelorette party theme is the impending wedding itself; "Last Fling Before the Ring" or "Last Walk On The Wild Side For The Bride." But the theme of your BFF's bachelorette party is only as limited as your imagination!  Here are a few fool-proof ideas for a shindig that you will all be talking about for years.  Every other subsequent bachelorette party will have your benchmark to live up to!

Sleep Over
A nostalgic way to celebrate your friend's single days, a sleep over is the perfect combination of fun and debauchery. The possibilities are endless: Play tipsy twister all night or watch chick flicks with any number of drinking games. Paint each others' nails, conduct makeovers, make prank phone calls*, or have a pillow fight. A classic, naughty game is Truth or Dare - always a great way to find out who's the girl with 17 piercings, who lost their virginity first, or who is actually a closet brunette. Sleeping bags optional.
*Miss Fit Academy in no way endorses illegal activity and is not responsible for any embarrassment that may result from a prank call to, saaaaay, the brides high school crush.
Kiss Party Theme

"Kiss" The Bachelorette Goodbye
You wanna Rock N Roll all night?  Or party every day? …why not both!? Have some shirts made to read "KISS the Bachelorette Goodbye", get creative with the black make up, tease your hair up to high heaven and dig up your most outrageous glam-rock shoes and your leather jacket and hit the town. You'll look so good people will think that Heavens On Fire!  Lick Up all the attention, just be sure your Love Gun is aimed responsibly ;)

Camping NAY "Glamping"
Is the bride more of an outdoorsy girl?  Ramp up the outdoors a notch and take everyone Glamping. There are places all over the world that will see to all your glamping needs. No roughing it here, ladies! Find a pet-friendly site or a luxurious cabana. Stay in a deluxe Tipi in the wide open spaces of Yellowstone, Montana or swing from the tree tops in a magical tree house in Santa Cruz, Califorina.  Bring your girls to a jungle lodge in the Amazon Rainforest for only $30 a night! #TakeUsWithYou!

Vintage Tea Party
When searching for an exciting bachelorette party theme, don't rule out that which is classy. Break out the good china or buy some plates and cups that just look like good china, complete with redundant silverware.  Lace everywhere, petti fours and watercress sandwiches to nosh on and don't forget to find out the bachelorette's favorite kind of tea. The best part of a tea party theme is the costumes. Feel free to get as Downton Abby as you can stand: floppy, frilly hats, bustles, satin gloves, high collar dresses, and even lace up boots can all be improvised or rented for an afternoon. Be sure to take pictures!

Pole Dance Party
Pole Dance Party
Let us get your party started!  Miss Fit Academy boasts an uber feminine atmosphere where a professional instructor will teach you the art of dancing with your inner sex goddess. We offer several party packages depending on whether you want to learn a skill you can use while you stay in (pole dance, chair dance), or go out (coyote cabaret, aerial hoop party).  Most parties include a complimentary champagne toast and some include cupcakes and gift bags as well.

- written by JLK

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