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Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Fashion Trends

Sweater weather is upon us! Bring on the pumpkin spiced everything. Pack the swimsuit away, dust off the Halloween decorations, you can almost hear the school bell ring.  Hallelujah, it's Autumn! Fall is a time to mellow after the wild party that is Summer, has fizzled out.  Fashion tends to darken around this time too.  That doesn't mean boring, though.  We don't do boring at Miss Fit Academy, we dance on poles and hoops and silks and also happen to do FASHION!


We're so happy to see that capes are a thing again! Capes have been a fall fashion trend every year for several seasons now, and they show no signs of waning popularity. Buy a red one and BOOM! instant Halloween costume. When the weather changes and school begins, we're fans of anything chic, easy, and warm.

Bold prints
Never boring and rarely safe, statement pieces are awesome, eye catching clothes, that have a point of view.  This shirt's point of view seems to be 'Smoking is sexy' but that's ok! We don't have to buy into every print to appreciate it.  It's like your eccentric uncle Dick who's amazing at parties but also thinks that alien abduction is imminent.  You pick and choose the good from the bad. Thankfully,  bold prints can be found everywhere this fall so you can select what you want your clothes to say to the world.

Colored Suede
This much suede hasn't been in vogue since the Wild West.  Let's hope it doesn't rain when you wear your trendy outfit… like, ever.  Red suede seems to be the jumping off point for this fall trend, but we predict that a rainbow of colors will follow.  The weather situation also calls for micro suede.  Make it happen fashion peeps!

You can't see us, but we're throwing up the metal horns.  This trend is so 80's we could break out into the safety dance at any moment.  But the 80's are back in full force these days!  This jacket looks a bit like Richard Nicoll fashioned some foil into a covering and called it a day.  Thankfully, colors are plentiful and not only outer wear.  Be careful if you ever pair two metallic pieces, though… on second thought, just don't.  

Fabulous boots
J.Lo Footwear

Kick your feet up, and look good doing it!  When are fabulous boots not on trend? Shoes are the foundation of an outfit and can tie everything together or ruin your look.  You can't go wrong with these specific fur-lined, luxurious, sex-boots, though.  Thigh high, knee high and every height in-between is on the table this fall.  Speaking of height, teetering on the right pair of powerful boots will make you feel like an Amazon come to the modern world to get shit done.  Oh, yes!  Shoes rule the world.  This fall, boots are our newly selected leader.  Bow down.

- written by JLK

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