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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Miss Fit Academy: Nashville's Lean, GREEN, Aerial Boutique!

Getting energy and wings
Most of our energy is our in blood
Miss Fit Academy prides itself on being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Like many businesses, we understand the important of conserving energy and water, recycling and reusing (aka being resourceful!). We are committed to making a difference and hope to set a positive example to others as well.

Here are just a few things that we have done and currently do to fulfill our R.R.R.'s.

There are almost endless flooring options these days, but we opted for all recycled flooring in our new facility. Our pole studio floor is certified green, and made from recycled materials in a green plant. How cool is that!?! Our aerial room floor was recycled from our last location, an uncommon but important step taken by our fearless leader, Tonya. Sweat, sore muscles, tears and a massive game of tetris allowed us to utilize this beautiful floor again for many more years to come.

Removing the flooring from the old studio
Flooring from old studio
Aerial Room Floor
"New" Aerial Room Floor

The rustically spectacular light fixtures in the lobby are hand made from recycled wine bottles. Since Miss Fit Academy provides a complementary champagne at most of its parties, we are swimming in empty glass bottles! All bottles that didn't make it to light fixture status are recycled. The glittery chandeliers hung from the ceilings are often remarked upon by our patrons. These previously dowdy, boring lights were found online and some of our staff and students had a hand in sparkling them into perfection.

Champagne Light Fixtures
Our Champagne Lights
Rescued chandy from the landfill
Pre sparkle-tastic
Sparkle Chandelier

Many of the art pieces on the walls and around the studio were made from reused materials and most were painted by the fearless leader herself! The eye-catching female sculpture, our coffee table and all shelves were purchased used and re-purposed. This isn't just because we are smart and savvy ladies with an eye for design, it's because the landfills are already overflowing. Why add to the problem when it isn't necessary?!

Pole dancer painting
Pole dancer painting from old canvas
Female form
After a fresh coat of paint

Other ways Miss Fit Academy helps mother earth:

  • As an energy saving measure, our HVAC unit runs minimally while the studio is not being used and automatically shuts off if someone forgets to turn the temperature up/down.
  • Our sky lights are utilized as much as possible and when the sun sets, we use our LED and CFL lights. We also have an automation system that allows us to turn lights on and off remotely in case someone accidentally leaves them on. 
  • Our low flow toilets have a #1 & #2 option to help save water when less is needed.
These are just a few of our green ways. We love our city and our planet and have always striven to be green in everything we do. We hope that our practices encourage other folks and businesses to follow suit. Rest assured that we will continue to do so in the future! We're not green with envy, we're green with ENERGY! See you on the dance floor!!

If you have fantastic earth-saving tips and ideas, please feel free to share in a comment below.

- witten by JLK

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