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Sunday, November 23, 2014

7 Essential Christmas Presents for the Pole Dancer in Your Life

It's that time of year again!  The holidays.  The time of year when shopping for loved ones morphs into an art form. Christmas is right around the corner, folks!  Let us help you do right for the dancer in your life. Miss Fit Academy is happy to see a supportive, significant other shopping for a fly girl (or guy).  To help you find the perfect present, we've compiled a helpful list of Christmas presents that will score you big points this year - and maybe even a private dance!

Dance Pole
Lets start at the beginning.  If your lover of pole doesn't have their own pole to practice on, you should buy them one immediately. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go out to the mall and buy a $50-$100 pole and expect it to hold your poler's weight.  Only buy such a pole if you're trying to kill him/her. Otherwise, opt for a pole from a reputable company who sells poles specifically for pole dancing, such as Platinum Stages or X-Pole. See our Pole Dancer Answers blog for more details.

Booty Shorts
When you pole dance, you literally cannot have too many pairs of shorts. You need all the skin you can get to hold onto that pole, and there are choices out there for every kind of woman (or man).

Is your pole hobbyist more about fitness or sass?  Is she athletic or new to the whole "exercise" thing? Modest or Va-Va-Voom?  Girly or Tomboy?  It's a lot to consider.  When in doubt, buy them another pair of their favorite brand or opt for a gift card.

Grip Aid
Naturally sweaty girls often think that pole dancing is out of the question, but not so! Some Dryhands will take care of that problem and then the sky is literally the limit. Conversely,  if there is one thing deadlier to pole dancing than sweaty palms it is powdery dry skin. If the pole enthusiast in your life is chronically dry or lives in a cold, cold place (Looking at you, Buffalo New York) then he or she will appreciate Dewpoint Pole. Truly, let us just provide the link for you.  They'll thank you. You'll thank us. Everybody wins!

My gym shoes rock bag
Above awesomeness available at Cafepress.com
Pole Dance Gear
If your pole dancer is tired of answering awkward questions about his or her hobby of choice, there's a shirt for that.  Does he or she eat, sleep, and pole dance?  There's a shirt for that. Do you love a professional twerk instructor? There's a mug for that.  Also, you can probably never go wrong with Pleaser shoes.

Pole Dance Calendar
Every month features a world famous pole dancer being their amazing selves. It's not just a calendar, it's a years worth of inspiration for their pole dance journey. Seriously, buy it. 

To truly reach his or her full pole potential, your pole aficionado really should have the benefit of professional one on one instruction.  There is nothing better than a trained eye to assist in any technically disciplined art, such as dancing. Often, spotting is necessary to learn and grow. Dancers do not become truly great alone, after all. Plus, nothing beats the sassy sorority of co-students in a good studio. Everyone needs a pole home!

Online Lessons
Of course, the reality is that not everyone lives within driving distance of a fabulous pole studio. On-line classes are great if there isn't a studio close to your digs.  Even if there is, on-line instruction lends itself well if you would like a tailored pole journey.  Even if your chrome connoisseur has a pole home, online lessons compliment training well.

- written by JLK
 7 Essential Christmas Presents for the Pole Dancer in Your Life7 Essential Christmas Presents for the Pole Dancer in Your Life7 Essential Christmas Presents for the Pole Dancer in Your Life7 Essential Christmas Presents for the Pole Dancer in Your Life7 Essential Christmas Presents for the Pole Dancer in Your Life

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