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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Salacious Bachelorette Party Accessories

At Miss Fit Academy, we LOVE our bachelorette parties. We inject our bachelorette parties with a natural aura of wholesome fun and seduction, but if you aren't able to come dance with us, we have a few suggestions to bring your own salaciousness to your bachelorette party and make it a night the bride-to-be will never forget!

WARNING: These accessories are NOT for the anti-phallic bride - they are downright naughty girl, party props for the wild woman at heart!

Pecker Piñata 
Fill this 18 inch piñata with condoms, candies, or toys and let the bride-to-be take her turn to slap the pecker around. It is her last night of freedom, after all, so let her have the first and last whack. Sooner or later, it'll burst and all that R (or X) rated fun will explode throughout the room. Fun for everyone!

Hen night is something that we wish America would adopt ASAP.  It's bachelorette level debauchery any time you want! Have you lost a few pounds? Celebrate with hen night! Get new shoes? Hen night! It's Tuesday? HEN NIGHT! This spank wand is for the girl who wants a little oomph in her nights out with the girls.  Keep everybody in line throughout the night and watch your girlfriends mysteriously invite you out more.

Naturally, penises need to be all over the place at a truly salacious bachelorette party. Penis confetti, penis cakes, penis decorations... but our favorite are these candy rings. Suggestive and silly at the same time, these candy rings will delight and amuse your girls all night. 

The Dirty Little Secret game is perfect if you're looking for some hilariously inappropriate fun. Players make an attempt to guess the bride-to-be's answers to salacious and eye-popping questions guaranteed to make everyone giggle. This game can also be played as a drinking game where players drink when they incorrectly guess the brides answers.

- written by JLK

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