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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vegetable challenge: Demystifying Swiss Chard

Welcome to Miss Fit Academy blog!

Miss Fit Academy isn't just about dancing - we value total health. Without a good diet, activities like pole dancing, aerial hoop, and silk climbing can be damn near impossible. Even if you aren't participating in a high intensity work out, a healthy diet is a necessity to a healthy life. Even a personal trainer can't help you if you're eating like diabetes is a personal goal. With that in mind, we would like to welcome you to the first installment of the Veggie Challenge.

Vegetables represent one of the foods that Americans don't eat nearly enough of. More Americans die from heart disease than from breast cancer. Yet, we all wear pink the entire month of October. Vegetables can often be foreign or intimidating to people. but cooking needn't be difficult. Start slowly, one vegetable at a time, and work them into your diet. If you dislike a particular vegetable, try preparing it a different way.

So… now I'd like to introduce a fine, yet mysterious vegetable called SWISS CHARD!! Shhh!  Keep it down, Swiss Chard.  People don't know you that well yet!
Please excuse Swiss Chard.  He comes on a little strong at first. Swiss chard is loud, proud, and colorful.

Swiss Chard
Colorful swiss chard from www.FoxesLoveLemons.com

He's really a good guy.  If you let Swiss Chard into your life you'll receive age-fighting antioxidants along with blood sugar support and bone health. You'll know this guy by his bright stalk (most often red) and fluffy green leaves.  He's a keeper and super easy to work with.

A simple way to prepare Swiss Chard:
First, wash the leaves, and then fold each leaf in half lengthwise and wave goodbye to that beautiful stalk. Roll up the more understated leaves like a cigar and cut into ribbons for sautéing or break apart into whatever size pieces you want for as a salad.

stemacideCutting chard into ribbons

Bon Apetit!

- written by JK

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