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Saturday, January 3, 2015

DIY Bachelorette Party Invitations

If there's a party in your future, do we have a fun and easy way to personalize your invitations! This is a great activity to get your girlfriends together and make your own wine soaked invitations to a bachelorette party.  If there's two thing Miss Fit Academy loves, it's an excuse to hang out and wine!  Lets get started on our easy DYI bachelorette party invitations...

DIY Bachelorette party invitations
The finished product is chic, fun, and simple!

Card stock
A printer or preternaturally good handwriting
a plate
A glass or glasses with a wide brim
3 various wine colored paint (or actual wine because WINE!)

DIY Bachelorette party invitations with paint
The secret to humor is SUPPLIES! -Aristotle (sort of)

1) Print or write the information for your party in the lower right corner of your invitation.
Be sure to include: The date
                               The time
                               The hosts and bachelorettes name 
                                An address
                                RSVP phone number 

DIY Bachelorette party signature
Printing gives the invite a more formal feel, while writing in your own hand is friendly!
2) Mix paint until you have three separate shades of wine.  If you're lucky, you can find paint in a specific red wine color, but more likely you'll have to mix browns, pinks, and reds until you're satisfied. You may want to add some water to your paint to achieve a more wine-y consistency.
DIY Bachelorette party invitations wine paint
Any glass will do, but we like to be authentic.

 3)  Place paints in a shallow dish and roll the brim of the glass or paint around the edges with a brush. More than one size glass will add variety.  Place on the paper like a stamp to make what looks like the stain of a wine glass.

DIY Bachelorette party invitations glass stain
Perfection is not the name of the game.  A broken stamp looks more realistic!
4) Repeat at least three times.

DIY Bachelorette party invitations glass stains

If you're not the crafty type, here are a few ready to use templates you can personalize for the occasion!

Bachelorette party invitations

Shutterfly $.89- $2.06 depending on amount

- written by JLK

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