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Monday, January 19, 2015

Miss Fit Academys "New Year, New You" Open House

Cancel your plans for this Friday, because we have a better idea. Come to Nashville's premier areal boutique and join the fun! Do you want to sip on a little bubbly and watch a professional pole fitness instructor fly above your head?  You know you do, because our girls are graceful and strong and amazing, and now you can be too!

Have you ever thought about taking pole dancing classes?  What about areal silks class? Or lyra (areal hoop) classes?  If you're over 18 have we got a party for you! On Friday January 23rd, Miss Fit Academy will be hosting a low-pressure, fun, and sexy open house for prospective students to come and see what we're all about. The event will be feature XXIV Karat as our champagne sponsors, helping to make this event free of charge.  Grande Cuvee and Rose will also be served.  One complimentary drink is on the house!

Light refreshments will also be available, because it ain't a party without food.  A free mini-lesson will be taught on the art of chair dance and floor play.  All are welcome and encouraged to participate, but it is not required.  Somebody has to hold the camera, after all!  Even if you choose to opt out of the lesson you'll still enjoy a night of instructor demonstrations and play some sexy games!  Stay for our Sex Ed.  Seminar and don't miss the raffle for our "The New Year, New You" M.F.A. Gift Bag.  Miss Fit Academy is also offering our classes at a fantastic discount for those who attend. You'll mingle with our trained instructors and meet current students in their second home, Miss Fit Academy! We'd love to meet all of you- so don't miss it!

Here is our current schedule.
Doesn't it all sound like fun?!

- written by JLK

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