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Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Pole Dance Moves To Add to Your New Years Resolution

Happy 2015!! Now that we're a month into Miss Fit Academy's New Year, New You, we want to motivate the pole dance world to try some new tricks! 

If you're new to pole dancing you'll focus mostly on spins and training to invert.  Here's a simple spin to add to your repertoire.  Absolute beginners should begin learning the basic Fireman spin.

Martini Spin
The Martini spin is a great place to go once you're past a very basic pole dancing education.  When you're ready to up your pole game, simply hold your right hand high and move the left across the chest holding onto the pole.  The left foot hooks at the ankle and the right leg will come straight out on the opposite side of the pole when you spin. Too many words to make sense?  Here's a video.

video from SoBe Pole Dance

Welcome to the point in your pole dance journey where you get to defy gravity! Be patient with yourself and you'll be upside down in no time!

The Invert
Inverting is a little arms, a little legs and a lot of abs. Some preparation exercises are never misplaced, as  is safety precautions, such as a crash mat.  The name of the game is control as this is the base work for more advanced tricks.  Tuck the pole under one arm hold the pole with the other arm slight above your head.  Tuck your hips in front of the pole and pull with your abdominal muscles. Ripple up your legs until the ankles close around the pole. Slide down to the ground and repeat on the other side.

Now you're ready for the good stuff!  You're the highest level of pole dance awesome and should learn some tricks to demonstrate that.  Let us introduce you to...

The Dragon Tail
Invert, outside leg hook, slide the outside arm down and reach far out and behind your back.  Grab the pole behind your back with the thumb up. Unhook the outside leg, supporting the back over your forearm.  Slide the bottom arm down as you twist your torso and hips to arch your back and hoooooold on because your certification as a bad ass has just been placed in the mail.

video starring Sasja Lee

-written by JLK

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