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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Most Awkward Wedding Photos Ever Taken

Miss Fit Academy hosts many bachelorette parties, but we pray that those brides don't see this level of awkward at their weddings. Often though, awkward photos are born out of an attempt to have fun and if that's the case, please keep having fun and please keep taking pictures, because it's hilarious.

Heels to God
awkward wedding photos
Photo by Complex.com
Mmmmkay… this woman seems to be particularly enthusiastic about one aspect of married life. We're sure there's a perfectly innocent story behind this picture, but when it turned up in the aftermath of the wedding we'll bet this bride had some 'splaining to do.  Yowza.   Even the baby is uncomfortable.

Taste The Rainbow
ugly bridesmaids dressed
Photo from Uglydress.com
We're certain every single one of those women and the little girl hates the bride.  They look like a pack of starburst. This is everything wrong about 80's fashion.  The hats, dear lord… but also the sleeves, and the hair. It's color coded down to matching ribbons on their flowers, for Gods sake!

Bridesmaids Get Cheeky
awkward bridesmaids photos
Photo from Complex.com
As thrilled as we are to see a that a group of women have clearly been working out, don't do this to your wedding party.  Don't go out and buy matching panties and then stand jauntily between your bridesmaids while they hike up their dresses yet won't show their faces.  The only reason any 70 year old woman is happy about having this picture in her past is so she can embarrass her grand-kids with proof of how amazing her butt was.

Bridesmaids Almost Get Cheeky
awkward bridesmaids in water
Photo from Awkward Family Photos
In the same vein, don't ask your bridesmaids to do this.   We can see the photographer now; "Ok, everybody! Walk out to your knees and gaze wistfully out over the freezing-ass water at sunset but be sure your dress doesn't get wet!  Also, it would be better for your dress to look like a diaper than for you to show too much skin."

Carbs Can Kill
Russian Wedding
Photo from The Daily Mail
Oh, Russia. A wealth of crazy Russian wedding photos are to be discovered if you know where to look. Most center around tacky accordion shenanigans, but this is the clear winner in awkwardness.  What does it even mean??  Are they trying to tell the rest of the world that they now have enough bread? Is it a metaphor for Misandry? A remark on post-war Russian society?  Simply a profoundly stupid, weird idea? We just don't know!

No Wedding Should Involve Knee Pads
Awkward Wedding Photos dirty
Photo from Awkward Family Photos
We're beginning to doubt the wisdom of these wedding photographers. Who thought this would be a good idea? At best you have a group of women on their knees in front of a group of men.  At worst it's Pornhub!  Several of the women are bowing their heads submissively which, eww.  The men also appear to be wearing camouflage vests with their suits which, EWWW.

- written by JLK

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