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Monday, February 16, 2015

7 Things That Make You More Attractive That Have Nothing To Do With How You Look

1. Being decisive
Being Decisive, Making Decisions

Wishy-washy isn't cute. Making a strong decision tells others that you have confidence in your choices. We know that making decisions can be hard (Aerial silks? or hoop?) but once you weigh the pros and cons then just. pick. something.  You'll feel instantly less stressed.  Whatever choice you make assume that your choice is the right choice - and the person you choose to be in a relationship will feel that much more valued.

2. Being kind to those who can do nothing for you in return
 Kindness is the chief of all virtues, without it you have nothing.  Often times, being kind costs you nothing in the moment and will mean everything to the person on the receiving end.  But worse than being flatly unkind is only being nice to people who can further your interests- that's just skeevy and slimy and ensures that no one will want a relationship with you.  Meanness is a deal breaker in our book.

3. Having a hobby
Aerial Silks class at Miss Fit AcademyLearn something that's fun for you and you'll never regret it.  You could be the girl who pole dances or the guy who juggles.   People respect a skill that takes time to learn and grow- even if it's stamp collecting.  It shows that you're passionate about something enough to make it a part of your life.  Passion is sexy.  The very worst that will happen is you'll become more interesting and get invited to more parties.

4. Not hating
At Miss Fit Academy, we've created an atmosphere where hating has no place. Our students are genuinely happy when a fellow student nails a super impressive move! Nothing is less attractive than a hater.  By definition, a hater is someone who's jealous.  They might be jealous of someones accomplishments, looks, or money.  But people who are happy in their own lives have no time to hate.  Cultivate happiness in your own life and you'll be infinitely more attractive.

5. Laughing
Laughing womenLaugh! Laugh a lot!  Potential mates will find you more approachable.  Laughter- and by extension smiling- is a social cue demonstrating that you mean no harm to anyone and furthermore seek to be friends.  Laughter puts people at ease, and you'll feel good doing it.

6. Making a fool of yourself
When you're not afraid to look silly people often interpret your antics as confidence. There's no need to be stupid or obnoxious but not taking ones self too seriously is extremely attractive. Somebody secure enough in themselves to laugh at themselves is an instant turn on.

7. Not interrupting
This one is very specific, but nothing says "I don't care about your thoughts" more than talking over people.  It's an instant turn off and likely to make you look selfish. Interrupting is dismissive and we have a pretty low tolerance for it.  Let people finish their thoughts before contributing to the conversation.  Even better, consider their thoughts before adding your two sense.

- written by JLK

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