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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Animals Who Are Totally Nailing This Pole Dancing Thing

What's better than pole dancing? Animal pole dancing!! Enjoy the most adorable, cuddly animals on poles pictures ever! You're welcome.

Chinese Acrobat
Pole dancing panda
Pole dancing panda from Malaysia

Who needs to mate to save your own species when you could pole dance? Somebody hook this panda up with a sponsorship, because with moves like that he (or she, we guess) could be a world champion. Granted, he/she is probably just standing on that fence, but if not? PAGING X-POLE!

Floorwork Kitteh
Pole dancing cat
Groovin kitty from www.gopoleorgohome.com

Pole dancers are often referred to as "feline" for a reason… this is not really that reason. This particular cat might not be slow and sexy but she is damn adorable and we like that in a kitten. Also, we have literally gone over how to do this in our Floorplay and Flow class, so keep practicing little baby, your instincts are good! :)

Squirrely Whirly
pole dancing Squirrel
                           Squirrel by Ali Taylor

Ever seen a squirrel trying to get into one of those spinning bird feeders?  We're telling you, squirrels are a pole dancers spirit animal - they're constantly upside down, their tails roll all over the place, and their grip strength is unreal.

The OG Pole Climber
frog pole dance
Frog by Lessy Sebastian
Yeah, well we could all be amazing pole dancers if we had Velcro pads on our fingers that stick to literally everything, couldn't we? We're not hating on the little frog, though.  Lord knows humans would have high gravity suction cup fingers if we had to sleep on reeds like this teeny amphibian.

Tree Pangolin pole dance
Tree Pangolin courtesy of Zimbart
A prehensile tail?  That is not fair! We're going to petition Mother Nature for another appendage. Consequently, it's actually not a dragon.  It's a Tree Pangolin, native to central Africa and are often referred (to their face,  even) as "A Scaly Anteater."

Puppy Pole
dog pole dance
Photo from CollegeHumor.com
We didn't know a dog could even do this. We don't think our mascot, Toots, could do this.  She would probably just plop down to the floor and shake her doggy head and look at us like we were total jerks.  THIS GUY, THO! Wook at his wittle adorable facey-wacey! Who's a good pole dancer?  WHO'S A GOOD POLE DANCER? You are! Yes, you are! It's just too cute.  We're gonna die. We're dying.  We've died.  We're dead.

Slow Loris
Slow Loris pole dances

- written by JLK

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