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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Naughty Bachelorette Party Games for Nice Girls

Miss Fit Academy bachelorette
Bachelorette party games run the gambit from appropriate for grandma to an absolute moratorium on pictures and social media. Miss Fit Academy wants all kinds of girls to have a great time at their Bachelorette party. Our favorite activity for bachelorettes should be obvious. To make sure things get as rowdy as you wanna be, we've rated these games G-X.

G: Bridal Taboo
Wedding Taboo is played just like the board game Taboo - two teams each have to guess the word on the card without the player saying a set of listed words.  For example, if the word is "Wedding Dress", then the words they can't say could include "white, bride, gown, married, fancy."

PG: Hot-Potato
Ryan Gosling Hey GirlProcure some interesting clothes before hand. Shirts, pants, skirts, and the like are fine, but try to include some curve balls like bras, hats, puffy dresses, or gloves to keep people laughing.  Divide your guests into two teams and give them each a garbage bag full of clothes. The bag is passed around and each girl pulls out a piece of clothing and quickly puts it on - first team to get all of their clothes on wins!  Don't forget to take pictures.

PG-13:  Ex-Charades
This works especially well if the bride has a group of old friends who have been with her for awhile. Divide your guests into two teams and take turns pretending to be one of the brides ex-boyfriends (or ex-girlfriends), old flames or crushes. You may even want to include some celebrity crushes that everyone is sure to know! You can start with Ryan Gosling, because duh.

R: Cucumber Cock
When you venture to the grocery store to stock up on party snacks, be sure to grab a cucumber for each of your guests. No one will know that the veggies will soon be more phallic than they already are because these cucumbers will be used to play one of our favorite games! Each guest will use their teeth to carve penises out of their cucumbers.  If you wanna get creative, you can also use an apple to carve into lady bits. The most realistic wins!

X: Naked Butler
If you're ready to get X-rated, you may as well hire you a stripper! ...but that's been done.  What's better than a hot naked dude dancing? A hot naked dude serving you and your friends food and drinks all night! Butlers in the Buff  has men on standby just waiting to mix your drinks, serve you food, and play party games with your guests all night long. Looks can be tailored to fit your theme but standard attire is an apron, bow tie, and cuffs.  May we recommend you bring your butler to your Miss Fit Academy party? Ha! Kidding.  Party on, ladies!

- written by JLK

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