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Sunday, June 21, 2015

In Praise of Women!

In praise of women
Some of our instructors who would love to meet you!
We love women. We work almost solely with women and we want the world to know that we grow to love every single sister that walks through our front doors.  We love our bitches and we want the world to know it! It's because of this love that we speak out in praise of them. We could say so much, but we don't need to, because we've boiled it down to one line: Women have all the stuff.

Seriously. Literally anything.  Do you need a scrunchie? A breath mint? Someone to tell you if you need a breath mint? Do you require a tampon? A band aid? or a hug? Get a big enough group of girlfriends together and somebody will have what you need. Women live collectively - the presence of more women often means less work for ALL women in our shared history. We carry the stuff!  We carry the babies.  We traditionally carry the households. We carry what people need, literally and often figuratively. Ask us sometime. This cross cultural phenomenon, along with, you know, brain stuff, makes women more likely to maintain personal relationships and be better versed in emotional health over all. We're also individuals, after all.

Every single woman on the face of the earth (and, we're sure, most boys) will tell you that girls in seventh grade are AWFUL as a species. We can say without hyperbole that they're all petty, insecure, hormone-driven psychopaths. Queen Bees are the worst and, admittedly, some of those girls never grow up - we've all known at least one. But once you weed out the ones who don't support your world view then you're left with the chosen family you call "friends" and those few should be balm to your soul. If they're not then maybe they're not your friends. We carry all the stuff and if your stuff becomes too much to carry then all you need around you are more women, and everything will work out.


Written by JLK

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