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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

4 Easy No-Carve Pumpkin Tuitorials

4 Easy No-Carve Pumpkins
easy no-carve tutorial
Aren't they pretty!?
Halloween is just around the corner- but you already know that because everything just sneaks up on you because LIFE!! big and bold with two exclamation marks that often leads to hectic days and long nights. Who has time to pumpkin properly?

You do, with these four no-carve pumpkin tutorials! Use real pumpkins or pick some up at a craft store and have them forever. Let's dive in...

Melted-Crayon Pumpkin

Materials: pumpkin
                 hair dryer

Settle in with the hair dryer because melting the crayons can take awhile, but it's satisfying and weirdly zen work watching the wax melt into different colors!

Step 1: Glue half a crayon over the each raised part of the pumpkin.

Glue crayon over pumpkin

Step 2: This project can get messy, so make sure your space is covered or take the whole thing outside.
crayon pumpkin

Step3: Enjoy the melty masterpiece that you hath wrought!
4 easy no-carve pumpkin tutorials

Glitter pumpkin
Materials: pumpkin
                  LOTS of glitter

No "Easy No-Carve Pumpkin Tutorial" list would be complete without a glitter pumpkin. Making a glitter pumpkin is so easy, you'll wonder why you ever paid $39 for one.
Step one: Cover with glue.
easy no-carve pumpkin tutorials
 Step 2: Over a plate, pour glitter onto pumpkin shaking off excess.
easy DIY

Step 3: Spray this pumpkin with a sealer to lock in the shimmer and shine and Oooooo!
Easy tutorials

Candy Corn Pumpkin
Materials: pumpkin 
                 white & yellow paint

We opted to use spray paint, but any ole craft paint will do fine. This one is so easy a child has literally done it.

Step 1: Divide the pumpkin into rough thirds, covering the middle.
Candy corn pumpkin

Step 2: Paint strategically  in a well ventilated area to look like candy corn.
easy no carve
Step 3: Yummy. :)
candy corn

Space Pumpkin
Materials: pumpkin
                  black spray paint
                  construction paper
                  a knife or sharp edged tool

Our pumpkin has added glitter paint, just because we had it laying around.  We're fabulous like that.

Step 1: Cut out a moon and stars from your paper and glue them in place.
Space pumpkin
 Step 2: Paint pumpkin and remove stencils. Use a sharp edged tool to etch spirals into the black paint.
Draw on pumpkin
Step 3: POOF! ART!! 
Completed space pumpkin

It's almost like we're on Pintrest, or something. ;) Happy Halloween!!

- written by JLK

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