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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Valentines Day Leather and Lace Show

Last weekend our brightest students and best professors came out to showcase their skills honed at Miss Fit Academy in Nashville, Tennessee.

First of all, the desserts! Nashville Sweets outdid itself with these marshmallow pops, red velvet and dark chocolate cupcakes. We died and went to heaven before the show even started.

Showcase cupcakes
Almost to beautiful to eat
Chocolate covered marshmallows
Treats from Nashville Sweets

Our fearless hostesses, Ashley and Shelley showed us around the aerial room, and then the fun began...

showcase hosts
Hostesses with the mostesses
aerial silks performance
Starting things off on a high note
aerial silks students
Heart poundingly amazing
aerial hoop students performing
The calm before dat drop...
aerial hoop dance
The crowd can't handle Kim's greatness
invert on aerial hoop
Hands are for beginners
machine gun on aerial hoop
Kasey showing gravity who's boss
Kasey on hoop
and openly carrying Machine Gun
aerial hammock
Kat's just a girl and she's on firrreeeee
showcase performance
literally and metaphorically
hammock dance
Iron T Taylor, aerial Goddess
Taylor's hammock performance

Pandemonium in the aerial room!! Before intermission, we played a little game. Lap dances may have occurred. No one wished that they were at home watching some football game :D

student on pole
Scarlett kicked things off
Group pole dance
a few seconds before Superman glory
Students performing on pole
Candy cane!
Bootique students
wiggle wiggle wiggle
spin pole performance
Spin pole girls might actually be floating
Jessica performing on pole
Brennan performing in leather
pole teacher routine
Everyone's favorite pole mamas closed out the show
We would like to thank everyone who came out to see the show! We have the time of our lives at these shows and will continue to do so. If the day ever comes where we are performing for only ourselves then so be it, the show would maybe be more raucous than usual! ;) Until then everyone over 18 is welcome to attend and have a ball with us. VIP tickets always include a prime seat. Light snacks and complimentary drinks are always in attendance. Until next time!

Group photo

- written by JLK

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