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Monday, March 14, 2016

An Open Letter To Cat Ladies on Kitty Weddings

Hey, boo's. I think we can agree that we've reached peak internet here but aren't cats just the greatest? They're jewels of fluff and endearment bestowed on us by a loving creator and we are thankful for their furry presence. Buuuuuuuuuut we need to talk about something...

cat wedding
I think we can all agree that Wilfred Brimley up there is dapper, obviously, loved. That being said, please don't marry your cats. It's weird. There's never a time when it's gonna be OK to marry a cat. A German dude actually did this and it was, predictably, WEIRD. A photo-op is one thing, but we will call in a therapist if need be. It's for the good of everyone because we love you. Cat ladies unite.

Bachelorette party
Oh. Now this we will allow! It's cannon, after all. We all kinda want to be cat woman deep down so, if you're gonna marry a cat, this is really the only acceptable way to go about it.

hello kitty

You bring up a good point, cat ladies. So long as there's no inter-species hanky panky going on we say bring on the furries! Hello, Hello kitty!

We at Miss Fit Academy don't profess to know everything about feline nuptials, but we do know a thing or two about throwing an awesome shindig to celebrate the cat-lady bachelorette. We're equal opportunity animal (Dog ladies represent) but we count ourselves among you, cat ladies. We hope to see you when you're looking forward to your own wedding (to a human, preferably)

- written by JLK

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