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Thursday, May 17, 2012

As a consumer, we realize you have the right to choose where you decide to spend your hard-earned money. When looking for a pole studio, whether that be for a new fitness regimen or a private party, be sure to do your research before making a decision.

Here are a couple of important things to keep in mind when selecting a pole studio:
  • Is the studio safe, secure and insured?
    • A safe and secure studio has proper permits, has been inspected by the fire department for adequate safety systems and equipment. A safe studio also has stable flooring and poles that are properly bolted to the ceiling and floor and tightened regularly. Most pole studios do not have adequate liability insurance. There are very few insurance companies that will cover pole dance activities. Don't be afraid to ask the potential studio about their insurance and safety measures.
  • Are the instructors properly trained and educated?
    • This could mean the difference between having a great class or taking a trip to the ER. Your instructor should have thorough knowledge of dance, fitness, anatomy, teaching experience and years of pole dance experience. If you go to a studio for a fitness class and they don't warm you up, don't go back. This is very dangerous. If they have you flipping upside down at your first class, don't go back. That is considered negligent. You could break your neck if you haven't built up and strengthened your core and upper body yet.
  • Will the studio accommodate your group size?
    • This is especially important for private parties. Be sure to ask what the studio's maximum occupancy is. Also, inquire about the number of poles. Of course it sounds fair to have one person per pole, but that is not a necessity. Two people per pole is ideal because you will have fun learning from each other and get to dance with another person and cheer each other on. You will also be less tired at the end of the lesson!
  • Location:
    • Is the studio located near you? Is it located in a decent neighborhood? Is there enough parking? Is the parking free? You are already stepping outside of your comfort zone. Be sure to select a studio that is enjoyable to get to and park at so you are at ease for your lesson.
  • Seek your specific needs:
    • Are you more interested in learning to dance sexy or learn tricks or a whole routine or make new friends or be entertained? Everyone has different reasons for pole dancing! Let the studio know exactly what you are looking for so you get the most out of your lesson. If you are an avid pole dancer, don't show up to a beginner pole class and expect to learn advanced tricks. You will be disappointed.
  • Internet Savvy:
    • An established pole studio has a useful and informational website. If the prices are published, you know what to expect and won't get cheated. Selecting a studio that has an online reservation system can also make a big difference on ease of class scheduling.
  • Customer Service and Professionalism:
    •  A professional studio starts classes/parties on time and ends them on time, has a structure to the lesson and addresses concerns in a timely manner. If your instructor shows up late and talks about herself and spends the rest of the class showing off her new moves instead of teaching, run for your life!
These are just a few tips to selecting the right pole studio for you. Don't be afraid to ask questions. You have the right to know!

Happy dancing!