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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stretches for Tight Hips

In our Flexibility & Floorplay class, we focus on full body flexibility but today we're talking about hips. The ball and socket joint of the hip is arguably the single most important part of a healthy body's musculature. Strong and limber hips are a key to remaining active into your later years. Without it, even the simplest movements, such as walking, may become difficult.

Here are a few ideas on how to keep those hip flexors and the surrounding muscles healthy. As with all stretches, remember to breathe and don't over do it.  Flexibility doesn't happen overnight! Also, check with your physician first if you have existing hip problems.


The lunge is famous for toning your butt but it's also an excellent stretch for your hip flexors.  As you lunge, it's important to remember to keep the knee over the ankle to protect your knee cap. You know you're not going too far forward when you can still see your big toe. The hands can be on the knee as seen above or you can take it up a notch and place both elbows on the floor, on each side of your legs.

Complete a circuit by first walking your hands out in front of you, and then reach as far as possible. Slowly walk your hands over to your right side and align your chest with your knee. Return to sitting upright, position for a few deep breaths. Then extend your arms down to your left leg as far as is comfortable and align your chest with your knee again. Slowly, return back to a folded forward position. You'll find that you can extend closer to the floor with every full circuit.


This exercise proves that there's no excuse to not have healthy hips. You can literally stretch in bed. Keep your top foot on the bed or pull your knee into the chest as shown in the picture and dangle the other foot down to the floor. For a deeper stretch bend your knee of the bottom foot until it comes to rest on the toes. This is often a therapeutic stretch if you've suffered and are recovering from a hip injury.

pigeon pose
Pigeon pose is an exceptional stretch for the hips in general. The leg in front is bent and the further your foot is away from your hip, the deeper the stretch, but DO NOT over do it. Ideally, the outside glute of that front leg should be on the floor while the inside hip of the back, straight leg is also on the floor. For a deeper stretch, bend the back leg at the knee and reach back to grab the foot, but, again, listen to your body and don't over-extend your muscles.

- written by JLK

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Miss Fit Academy Presents The Freak Show!

Ah, Halloween. That time of year when the weather changes and it's perfectly acceptable to dress up as Hipster Dorothy, Beyonceall of Instagram, or even a feminine hygiene product (click at your own risk.) It's the one time that you're actually encouraged to dress your dog up like Miley Cyrus .

We work hard all year and now is the time when we get to let our freak flags fly and party straight through to November! Don't you love Halloween!?! Don't you love Halloween PARTIES!  Don't you love Halloween parties with POLE DANCERS! Yeah, you do! Not quite sure where to find such a party? Look no further than The Freak Show, hosted by Miss Fit Academy!

You won't have more fun anywhere in Nashville! Several of MFA's instructors and students will be performing for the crowd. MFA is located at 265 Hermitage Ave, roughly a mile from downtown.

Come in costume or as you are and enjoy delicious food and play some games to win prizes! Doors open at 7:30 pm. Parking is free. Join us on October 24th and marvel at our freakishly talented performers! The freaks come out at night....will you be one of them?

This is an eighteen and over event so don't forget to bring your ID.

Once the freaks are in party mode, it's hard to stop them from having a ball! Other Halloween events in Nashville include:

October 25th     Monster Block Party 2014                      12th Street Pavillion      7:30pm
October 26th     Mummies at the Mansion (kid friendly!) 1833 Welcome Ln.       12:00pm
October 28th     Gothic Circus                                          434 Houston St              8:00pm
October 31st     Hustler Hollywood Masquerade              167 Rosa Parks Blvd.    10:00pm
October 31st     Voodoo Witch Doctor Halloween Bash  100 Mckennell Dr.        8:00pm
November 1st   Nightmare on Demonbreun Pub Crawl    Demonbreun St.           8:00pm

- written by JLK

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Miss Fit Academy: Nashville's Lean, GREEN, Aerial Boutique!

Getting energy and wings
Most of our energy is our in blood
Miss Fit Academy prides itself on being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Like many businesses, we understand the important of conserving energy and water, recycling and reusing (aka being resourceful!). We are committed to making a difference and hope to set a positive example to others as well.

Here are just a few things that we have done and currently do to fulfill our R.R.R.'s.

There are almost endless flooring options these days, but we opted for all recycled flooring in our new facility. Our pole studio floor is certified green, and made from recycled materials in a green plant. How cool is that!?! Our aerial room floor was recycled from our last location, an uncommon but important step taken by our fearless leader, Tonya. Sweat, sore muscles, tears and a massive game of tetris allowed us to utilize this beautiful floor again for many more years to come.

Removing the flooring from the old studio
Flooring from old studio
Aerial Room Floor
"New" Aerial Room Floor

The rustically spectacular light fixtures in the lobby are hand made from recycled wine bottles. Since Miss Fit Academy provides a complementary champagne at most of its parties, we are swimming in empty glass bottles! All bottles that didn't make it to light fixture status are recycled. The glittery chandeliers hung from the ceilings are often remarked upon by our patrons. These previously dowdy, boring lights were found online and some of our staff and students had a hand in sparkling them into perfection.

Champagne Light Fixtures
Our Champagne Lights
Rescued chandy from the landfill
Pre sparkle-tastic
Sparkle Chandelier

Many of the art pieces on the walls and around the studio were made from reused materials and most were painted by the fearless leader herself! The eye-catching female sculpture, our coffee table and all shelves were purchased used and re-purposed. This isn't just because we are smart and savvy ladies with an eye for design, it's because the landfills are already overflowing. Why add to the problem when it isn't necessary?!

Pole dancer painting
Pole dancer painting from old canvas
Female form
After a fresh coat of paint

Other ways Miss Fit Academy helps mother earth:

  • As an energy saving measure, our HVAC unit runs minimally while the studio is not being used and automatically shuts off if someone forgets to turn the temperature up/down.
  • Our sky lights are utilized as much as possible and when the sun sets, we use our LED and CFL lights. We also have an automation system that allows us to turn lights on and off remotely in case someone accidentally leaves them on. 
  • Our low flow toilets have a #1 & #2 option to help save water when less is needed.
These are just a few of our green ways. We love our city and our planet and have always striven to be green in everything we do. We hope that our practices encourage other folks and businesses to follow suit. Rest assured that we will continue to do so in the future! We're not green with envy, we're green with ENERGY! See you on the dance floor!!

If you have fantastic earth-saving tips and ideas, please feel free to share in a comment below.

- witten by JLK

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Fashion Trends

Sweater weather is upon us! Bring on the pumpkin spiced everything. Pack the swimsuit away, dust off the Halloween decorations, you can almost hear the school bell ring.  Hallelujah, it's Autumn! Fall is a time to mellow after the wild party that is Summer, has fizzled out.  Fashion tends to darken around this time too.  That doesn't mean boring, though.  We don't do boring at Miss Fit Academy, we dance on poles and hoops and silks and also happen to do FASHION!


We're so happy to see that capes are a thing again! Capes have been a fall fashion trend every year for several seasons now, and they show no signs of waning popularity. Buy a red one and BOOM! instant Halloween costume. When the weather changes and school begins, we're fans of anything chic, easy, and warm.

Bold prints
Never boring and rarely safe, statement pieces are awesome, eye catching clothes, that have a point of view.  This shirt's point of view seems to be 'Smoking is sexy' but that's ok! We don't have to buy into every print to appreciate it.  It's like your eccentric uncle Dick who's amazing at parties but also thinks that alien abduction is imminent.  You pick and choose the good from the bad. Thankfully,  bold prints can be found everywhere this fall so you can select what you want your clothes to say to the world.

Colored Suede
This much suede hasn't been in vogue since the Wild West.  Let's hope it doesn't rain when you wear your trendy outfit… like, ever.  Red suede seems to be the jumping off point for this fall trend, but we predict that a rainbow of colors will follow.  The weather situation also calls for micro suede.  Make it happen fashion peeps!

You can't see us, but we're throwing up the metal horns.  This trend is so 80's we could break out into the safety dance at any moment.  But the 80's are back in full force these days!  This jacket looks a bit like Richard Nicoll fashioned some foil into a covering and called it a day.  Thankfully, colors are plentiful and not only outer wear.  Be careful if you ever pair two metallic pieces, though… on second thought, just don't.  

Fabulous boots
J.Lo Footwear

Kick your feet up, and look good doing it!  When are fabulous boots not on trend? Shoes are the foundation of an outfit and can tie everything together or ruin your look.  You can't go wrong with these specific fur-lined, luxurious, sex-boots, though.  Thigh high, knee high and every height in-between is on the table this fall.  Speaking of height, teetering on the right pair of powerful boots will make you feel like an Amazon come to the modern world to get shit done.  Oh, yes!  Shoes rule the world.  This fall, boots are our newly selected leader.  Bow down.

- written by JLK