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Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Pole Dance Moves To Add to Your New Years Resolution

Happy 2015!! Now that we're a month into Miss Fit Academy's New Year, New You, we want to motivate the pole dance world to try some new tricks! 

If you're new to pole dancing you'll focus mostly on spins and training to invert.  Here's a simple spin to add to your repertoire.  Absolute beginners should begin learning the basic Fireman spin.

Martini Spin
The Martini spin is a great place to go once you're past a very basic pole dancing education.  When you're ready to up your pole game, simply hold your right hand high and move the left across the chest holding onto the pole.  The left foot hooks at the ankle and the right leg will come straight out on the opposite side of the pole when you spin. Too many words to make sense?  Here's a video.

video from SoBe Pole Dance

Welcome to the point in your pole dance journey where you get to defy gravity! Be patient with yourself and you'll be upside down in no time!

The Invert
Inverting is a little arms, a little legs and a lot of abs. Some preparation exercises are never misplaced, as  is safety precautions, such as a crash mat.  The name of the game is control as this is the base work for more advanced tricks.  Tuck the pole under one arm hold the pole with the other arm slight above your head.  Tuck your hips in front of the pole and pull with your abdominal muscles. Ripple up your legs until the ankles close around the pole. Slide down to the ground and repeat on the other side.

Now you're ready for the good stuff!  You're the highest level of pole dance awesome and should learn some tricks to demonstrate that.  Let us introduce you to...

The Dragon Tail
Invert, outside leg hook, slide the outside arm down and reach far out and behind your back.  Grab the pole behind your back with the thumb up. Unhook the outside leg, supporting the back over your forearm.  Slide the bottom arm down as you twist your torso and hips to arch your back and hoooooold on because your certification as a bad ass has just been placed in the mail.

video starring Sasja Lee

-written by JLK

Monday, January 19, 2015

Miss Fit Academys "New Year, New You" Open House

Cancel your plans for this Friday, because we have a better idea. Come to Nashville's premier areal boutique and join the fun! Do you want to sip on a little bubbly and watch a professional pole fitness instructor fly above your head?  You know you do, because our girls are graceful and strong and amazing, and now you can be too!

Have you ever thought about taking pole dancing classes?  What about areal silks class? Or lyra (areal hoop) classes?  If you're over 18 have we got a party for you! On Friday January 23rd, Miss Fit Academy will be hosting a low-pressure, fun, and sexy open house for prospective students to come and see what we're all about. The event will be feature XXIV Karat as our champagne sponsors, helping to make this event free of charge.  Grande Cuvee and Rose will also be served.  One complimentary drink is on the house!

Light refreshments will also be available, because it ain't a party without food.  A free mini-lesson will be taught on the art of chair dance and floor play.  All are welcome and encouraged to participate, but it is not required.  Somebody has to hold the camera, after all!  Even if you choose to opt out of the lesson you'll still enjoy a night of instructor demonstrations and play some sexy games!  Stay for our Sex Ed.  Seminar and don't miss the raffle for our "The New Year, New You" M.F.A. Gift Bag.  Miss Fit Academy is also offering our classes at a fantastic discount for those who attend. You'll mingle with our trained instructors and meet current students in their second home, Miss Fit Academy! We'd love to meet all of you- so don't miss it!

Here is our current schedule.
Doesn't it all sound like fun?!

- written by JLK

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Most Awkward Wedding Photos Ever Taken

Miss Fit Academy hosts many bachelorette parties, but we pray that those brides don't see this level of awkward at their weddings. Often though, awkward photos are born out of an attempt to have fun and if that's the case, please keep having fun and please keep taking pictures, because it's hilarious.

Heels to God
awkward wedding photos
Photo by Complex.com
Mmmmkay… this woman seems to be particularly enthusiastic about one aspect of married life. We're sure there's a perfectly innocent story behind this picture, but when it turned up in the aftermath of the wedding we'll bet this bride had some 'splaining to do.  Yowza.   Even the baby is uncomfortable.

Taste The Rainbow
ugly bridesmaids dressed
Photo from Uglydress.com
We're certain every single one of those women and the little girl hates the bride.  They look like a pack of starburst. This is everything wrong about 80's fashion.  The hats, dear lord… but also the sleeves, and the hair. It's color coded down to matching ribbons on their flowers, for Gods sake!

Bridesmaids Get Cheeky
awkward bridesmaids photos
Photo from Complex.com
As thrilled as we are to see a that a group of women have clearly been working out, don't do this to your wedding party.  Don't go out and buy matching panties and then stand jauntily between your bridesmaids while they hike up their dresses yet won't show their faces.  The only reason any 70 year old woman is happy about having this picture in her past is so she can embarrass her grand-kids with proof of how amazing her butt was.

Bridesmaids Almost Get Cheeky
awkward bridesmaids in water
Photo from Awkward Family Photos
In the same vein, don't ask your bridesmaids to do this.   We can see the photographer now; "Ok, everybody! Walk out to your knees and gaze wistfully out over the freezing-ass water at sunset but be sure your dress doesn't get wet!  Also, it would be better for your dress to look like a diaper than for you to show too much skin."

Carbs Can Kill
Russian Wedding
Photo from The Daily Mail
Oh, Russia. A wealth of crazy Russian wedding photos are to be discovered if you know where to look. Most center around tacky accordion shenanigans, but this is the clear winner in awkwardness.  What does it even mean??  Are they trying to tell the rest of the world that they now have enough bread? Is it a metaphor for Misandry? A remark on post-war Russian society?  Simply a profoundly stupid, weird idea? We just don't know!

No Wedding Should Involve Knee Pads
Awkward Wedding Photos dirty
Photo from Awkward Family Photos
We're beginning to doubt the wisdom of these wedding photographers. Who thought this would be a good idea? At best you have a group of women on their knees in front of a group of men.  At worst it's Pornhub!  Several of the women are bowing their heads submissively which, eww.  The men also appear to be wearing camouflage vests with their suits which, EWWW.

- written by JLK

Saturday, January 3, 2015

DIY Bachelorette Party Invitations

If there's a party in your future, do we have a fun and easy way to personalize your invitations! This is a great activity to get your girlfriends together and make your own wine soaked invitations to a bachelorette party.  If there's two thing Miss Fit Academy loves, it's an excuse to hang out and wine!  Lets get started on our easy DYI bachelorette party invitations...

DIY Bachelorette party invitations
The finished product is chic, fun, and simple!

Card stock
A printer or preternaturally good handwriting
a plate
A glass or glasses with a wide brim
3 various wine colored paint (or actual wine because WINE!)

DIY Bachelorette party invitations with paint
The secret to humor is SUPPLIES! -Aristotle (sort of)

1) Print or write the information for your party in the lower right corner of your invitation.
Be sure to include: The date
                               The time
                               The hosts and bachelorettes name 
                                An address
                                RSVP phone number 

DIY Bachelorette party signature
Printing gives the invite a more formal feel, while writing in your own hand is friendly!
2) Mix paint until you have three separate shades of wine.  If you're lucky, you can find paint in a specific red wine color, but more likely you'll have to mix browns, pinks, and reds until you're satisfied. You may want to add some water to your paint to achieve a more wine-y consistency.
DIY Bachelorette party invitations wine paint
Any glass will do, but we like to be authentic.

 3)  Place paints in a shallow dish and roll the brim of the glass or paint around the edges with a brush. More than one size glass will add variety.  Place on the paper like a stamp to make what looks like the stain of a wine glass.

DIY Bachelorette party invitations glass stain
Perfection is not the name of the game.  A broken stamp looks more realistic!
4) Repeat at least three times.

DIY Bachelorette party invitations glass stains

If you're not the crafty type, here are a few ready to use templates you can personalize for the occasion!

Bachelorette party invitations

Shutterfly $.89- $2.06 depending on amount

- written by JLK