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Monday, September 30, 2013

DIY Pole Dance Shirt

It is difficult to find a cute or affordable shirt that displays your love and affection of pole dance.

I have come up with a simple and fun solution to this problem. Below is a tutorial on how to make your very own pole dance shirt or tank top at home!

Pole Dancer TankDIY Pole Dance Shirt tutorial

  • A shirt - any color except white
  • Scotch Self-Sealing Laminating Sheets - pack of 5 for $5-7 (Walmart)
  • Scissors
  • Bleach
  • Spray bottle - must be able to spray a fine mist
  • Cardboard
  • Gloves
Detailed Steps:

Step 1. Gather the supplies listed above. Go to any store and buy your favorite t-shirt or tank top. I recommend cotton or a cotton mix for best results. If you are buying for a group, like a bachelorette party, you can often find great deals on shirts at Old Navy, Wet Seal and American Apparel. I found mine on clearance at Walmart for $3 each.

Step 2. Find a silhouette of a pole dancer. Make the picture as big as possible and print it on a normal piece of 8.5 x 11 paper. I found mine at this website. I recommend choosing a simple picture because you will have to cut around it.

Step 3. Open one of the self-laminating sheets and insert the printed picture. Seal the sheets back together and make sure there are no wrinkles. You now have a self laminated picture of a pole dancer.

Step 4. Using a pair of craft scissors, carefully cut around the laminated pole dancer silhouette. This is the hardest part of this project so take your time. By the time you are finished you should just have a laminated pole dance picture (no background). Don't worry if the back of the laminated sheet falls off - you won't need it.

Step 5. Fill the spray bottle with 1/4 cup of bleach and 1/4 cup of water. Do a couple of test sprays to make sure the mixture comes out in a fine mist. I recommend doing this outside or in an open area where nothing can get harmed or damaged. Be sure to wear old clothes too!

Step 6. Lay the shirt flat on the ground and insert cardboard or old towels into the shirt to make sure the bleach does not bleed through the shirt.

Step 7. Carefully peel apart the laminated paper pole dancer silhouette. It should peel apart without any tearing because the laminating sheets are reusable. Discard the paper and you are now left with a piece of sticky laminating paper shaped like a pole dancer, just like a sticker! Place that sticker on your shirt - anywhere you desire. Press the sticker down firmly so it adheres to the fabric.

DIY Pole Dance Shirt - with sticker in place
Sticker is in place

Step 8. If you have a tendency to trip and break things easily, you may want to put on gloves and glasses or goggles at this time. Now... using the spray bottle, spray the shirt 2-5 times around the image. You can spray into the air and let the mist hit the shirt - this will give a great look. You can also point the bottle at the shirt and spray about 2 feet away. It will give a bolder look.

DIY Pole Dance Shirt - after spray with sticker still on
Just sprayed the shirt. Sticker is still on and bleach is processing.

Step 9. Wait 5-10 minutes then slowly peel the sticker off of the shirt. Remove the cardboard and toss the shirt in the dryer for 10 minutes to remove the bleach crystals. Do not wash the shirt right away. The bleach is still processing.

Tip: You can reuse the sticker several times before it begins to loose it's stickiness. Be sure to dry the top of the sticker before putting it onto another shirt.

DIY Pole Dance Shirt - Design A
Design A - after sticker was peeled off
(note: the dark area was my big head blocking the light)

Using Bleach Spray
Design B - after sticker was peeled off

Step 10. Remove the shirt from the dryer. It's ready to wear!

The best part about your new shirt is it's completely unique. You also have the satisfaction of knowing YOU made it. You go girl!

Pole dancer shirts
We made these for our Leukemia Walk. We love them!

Pole dancer shirt
Tina from Chic Physique gave it a try. I love her stencil!

- written by TRR

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Booty Shaking Playlist

MFA now has hot booty shaking classes!


Here are a few of our favorite hip dipping, rump shaking hits for you to listen to while practicing your new moves at home. Enjoy!

Booty Playlist - September 2013
Booty Me Down by Kstylis
Picasso Baby by Jay-Z
Tom Ford by Jay-Z
Fancy by Drake
The Motto by Drake
2 Reasons by Trey Songs
Shake That Monkey by Too $hort
Dance by Big Sean
Go Girl by E40, Baby Bash
Slight Work by Wale
Don't Drop That Thun Thun by FiNaTTicZ
Twerk It by V.I.C.
Bubble Gum by Ricco Barrino
Clique by Kayne West, Jay-Z, Big Sean
Pop That by French Montana
Popping Bottles by T.I.
My Chick Bad Remix by Ludacris
Cockiness by Rihanna

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coyote bar dancing or chair dancing... what's the difference?

Coyote Bar Top Dance

MFA specializes in private parties for ladies nights out, bachelorette parties and birthday parties. With eight different party packages available, party planners are sure to find the perfect way to celebrate with the girls.

But, how do I choose? What is the difference?
This is a question we hear often! Everyone knows what pole dancing is, and many ladies ask what the difference is between the Exotic Chair Dance Party and the Coyote Dance Party.

If most of the girls in your party are cheeky, wild, bold, saucy, and/or brazen, then the Coyote Bar Top dancing is for you! 

We teach you how to strut your stuff so you can go out and show off your moves on bar tops across Nashville! Not only is it a fun way to be the most bad-ass looking bunch of chicks around, but you will surprise everyone when you climb up on the bar and let them know what kind of party this is!

 Plus, this is Nashville! Home of Country Music stars like Alan Jackson, Dolly Parton, Faith Hill, Keith Urban, Sara Evans, as well as rock stars like Jack White, Black Keys, Kings of Leon and so many more. So, a good ole' bar dance is perfect for this country town with a twist! (For more information on Coyote Bar Top Dance, check out this recent blog about it!)

If most of the girls in your party are spicy, racy, seductive, risque, suggestive, and/or flirtatious, then the Chair Dance is for you!

Chair Dancing
Add some sultry to your party with a Chair Dance!
The Chair Dance is a great one to take home and show the love of your life a little something you learned while you were away.
Chair Dance lesson

 We show you how to be enticing and provocative with sensual moves on the floor and chair that will have your partner breathless. And, you will learn how to flirt with your eye, lips, and hips. So if you want to be confident in your sex-appeal, seduce someone, and do it all with nothing but you and a chair, choose a Chair Dance for your party.

Group photos

Either way, you win!

Happy Partying!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall Fashion: Heels for pole/chair dancing.

One of my favorite things is... SHOES!!! They are the perfect accessory and can be so versatile.

I have compiled a list of sexy heels for the 2013 Fall Fashion season.

Everyday, affordable heels:
Pole dance shoes fall 2013
Type Z Octavius
 These make me think of an 80's prom night. They look so fun and are affordable!

Pole dance shoes fall 2013
Michael Antonio Tamms
These would be great for a dance party. I love the neon green.


Pricey...but so worth it heels:

These are the shoes that are a little bit past a normal girls price range, but so worth it!

Pole dance shoes fall 2013
Luichiny Walk Bye
These are so sexy and dramatic. Faux leather with an upper lace front so you will have some help climbing up the pole.

Pole dance shoes fall 2013
Kate Spade New York "Laila" Pump
These are beautiful! They come in this electric Cobalt blue as well as a turquoise Jade.

If I had a million dollars heels...

These are the shoes every girl wishes they had in their closet. But, hey! A girl can dream, right?

Pole dance shoes fall 2013
Christian Louboutin Resillissima Lace Illusion Platform Bootie
 These are gorgeous. I love the fishnet look

Pole dance shoes fall 2013
FENDI Layered Ankle-Strap Platform Pump
These would be great for work or play. Simple yet sexy.

Now that I have you searching for the perfect pair, share what you find!

Happy shoe shopping!

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