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Monday, August 19, 2013

Nashville bar-top dancing and bar pole dancing

One of the most common questions we hear at our dance parties is... where can we show off our new moves?

We were more than happy to research this question! This is what we came up with...

Throwdown Saloon - NOW CLOSED
128 2nd Ave North, Nashville, Tennessee 37201
Three venues in one place. Live music in the front, Liquid Nightclub in the center dance floor, and a covered patio area that looks out over 1st Ave., the river and LP Field.
This venue has FOUR dance poles (aka pipes):
Pole # 1 is located at the entrance, which they wouldn't let us dance on. Boo! Maybe they just didn't want anyone to show up the door girls ;)
Pole # 2 & #3 are located on the bar top. They were pretty stable. Just be sure not to kick anyone in the face!
Pole #4 is on a small square platform on the dance floor. This is the most popular pole. Later in the evening (1 am - 2 am), it becomes more of a prop for girls to hold onto while they pop their rump shakers.
Throwdown Saloon Nashville

Group of gals bar-top dancing

poles at Throwdown Saloon

On to the next one! We crossed the street and wandered into the next loud beat thumping bar and discovered...

Bar One 50 One - NOW CLOSED
131 2nd Ave North, Nashville, Tennessee 37201
This venue has several levels. Like good researchers, we had to have a few drinks to truly experience this scene. Due to this we cannot remember how many levels this bar actually has, but if I had to guess, I would say about three or maybe four?

The first floor is perfect for bar dancing. If you had a Coyote Bar Dance Party at Miss Fit Academy and are interested in showing off your moves, this is a good choice. There is even a railing you can hold onto in case you had one too many lemon drop shots or decided to wear your slightly-difficult-to-walk-in six inch stilettos.

Bar dancing in Nashville

Bar-top dancing in Nashville

When you go up the stairs, you will find another bar sporting a different beat. Don't let the cages scare you away - this bar was actually much more tame than the wild honky tonk downstairs. Walk toward the windows and you will discover a dance pole (aka pipe) on the bar. It is a little short, but works well for dancing.

 Bar-top pole dancing

Dancing on that pole

So much fun on the poles

Now we're ready for more dancing so we're walking up 2nd Avenue and turning onto Commerce Street. This is where we found...

Wild Beaver Saloon

212 Commerce Street, Nashville, TN 37201

This bar is slightly nicer and cleaner than most Nashville bars because it is somewhat newer. Everything is made of wood and smells like cedar. Bar dancing is also highly encouraged. They also have a riding bull, which is a big hit for bachelorette parties and tourists.
Wild Beaver bar dancing

Bar-top dancing at Wild Beaver

Be sure to get your dance lessons in before hopping on those poles & bars! Visit us at Miss Fit Academy!

Dance at your own risk. MFA is not responsible for injuries, damage or embarrassment from attempting that cool trick that your instructor did in class :)

UPDATE - May, 2014
Throwdown Saloon and Bar One Fifty One have closed permanently.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to keep yourself motivated

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to get stuff done. And, unfortunately, we cannot rely on everyone else to keep us motivated; it has to come from within. If you are ready to start taking care of business, keep reading, because we have come up with a few great ideas on how to motivate yourself.

First of all, you have to set a goal. Whether it is to lose weight, get a project done, or make more time for yourself - if you don't have a goal in mind, you won't get anything done. Make your goals realistic, but big. Small goals tend to be overlooked and forgotten. A bigger goal, will lead to greater motivation. And never tell yourself that you will try to attain the goal. Always tell yourself you will or must attain the goal. Remember to be flexible in how to attain your goal.
If your goal is to lose weight, I suggest The Berry's Daily Motivation to keep you going!
Second, avoid Negative Nelly's, Negative Nancy's, Debbie Downer's and anyone else who is just plain down in the dumps! Negative people are a waste of time and drag you down with them. Instead, surround yourself with positive people who also have big goals. Their motivation will rub off on you. Before you know it, you will be one of those people who are inspiring others. 
Click here for some great advice on how to get those negative people out of your life for good!
Third, prepare your mind and body. Condition your mind to think positively and avoid the negative thoughts. Accomplishing your goal requires physical energy. So, don't be lazy. Get up, get some exercise (this triggers endorphins, which are chemicals your body releases that makes you happy!), and enjoy life. Avoid activities that don't help achieve your goal. If they are counter-productive, they are a waste of your energy and time.
prepare to fail
A good way to prepare your mind is to meditate. Learn how to meditate by clicking here.

Fourth, do not wait for the perfect time. If you keep thinking you need to wait for the right time, that time will never come; therefore, you will never accomplish your goal. The right time is now! Just go! Give it a shot. If you don't take action immediately, you could be missing a golden opportunity.
golden opportunity
Don't let time be a factor when starting a new goal. Do it right now and quit wasting time!
Fifth and lastly, take responsibility for your own results. If you don't achieve your goal, don't blame anyone else. You are responsible for the outcome. If you try and blame others, fate, divine intervention, or bad luck, you will always have an excuse as to why you didn't make it other than your lack of effort.
golden cat
Luck will not help you achieve your goals. It is your actions that make the end result.
So get out there and make your goals happen! Keep a positive attitude and don't let those naysayers bring you down! There are always going to be people who don't want to see you succeed because of their own selfishness. Just forget them and focus on your accomplishments.

Urban Studio

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our favorite YouTube pole dancers

There are some amazing pole dancers on YouTube. We have compiled a few of our favorites for you to enjoy!


MissDirdyBirdy gives great tips on how to achieve the perfect trick moves. She is also great about giving strengthening exercises so you can do the tricks well. And, she has really cute pole gear so make sure you check that out here. Our favorite videos;

This one is a sultry move that anyone can learn.

She is so graceful!

Greta Pontarelli

This woman is incredible. She is 62 years old and can get into a perfect Jade Split quicker than Paula Deen can say "Butter." Check out some of our favorite videos from Greta Pontarelli:

It amazes me how strong and elegant she is! 

BTW- She was on American Ninja Warrior! 

Jagged - Jessica Anderson-Gwin

We are not playing favorites just because we personally know Jessica. She made this list because she is phenomenal! Her choreography is natural and complex. She has been on America's Got Talent (twice), created Jagged (a contemporary pole dance company) AND has a documentary about her pole journey, called Off The Floor. Here are a couple of our favorite JAG performances.

This is a great preview of all the different dances they incorporate with pole.

This is a great routine to LMFAO's "Sexy and I know it" performed at Exit In.

Robyn Rooke

Robyn is from the U.K. And, BOY! Do they love pole dancing over there! Robyn has fluidity with her movement and flows into each move effortlessly. These are our favorite videos of hers;

She puts these combos together perfectly!

She can also do a great routine without even getting off the floor!

If you didn't see your favorite YouTube pole dancer, be sure to post a link in the comments!

Happy Poling!

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Coyote Dance Party - UNVEILED

MFA is home of the Coyote Dance Party!

Coyote Dance Party

What is a Coyote you ask?

A confident women who can take charge. She's a fire-cracker, comfortable in her skin and doesn't hold back.

Before heading into your favorite honky-tonk, (yes, there are several dance worthy bar tops in Nashville), stop into Miss Fit Academy so we can teach you how to dance like a pro.

A Coyote Bar Top Dance Party is the perfect activity for a ladies night out, birthday or bachelorette party. It is a super fun bonding experience. Not only will you be laughing, cheering and making memories, but you will also BLOW everyone away that evening when your group shows off their new moves. Oww! Oww!

Coyote Ugly dance lessons

Included in every Coyote Bar Top Dance Party:
· We teach you, step-by-step, a bar dance routine
· A complimentary champagne toast for everyone who is 21+
· Plenty of time for pictures and videos

What to bring/wear?
  • Cowgirl boots and hat
  • Tank top and cut off jean shorts
  • Camera to document the fun
  • Attitude (more cheeky, the better) 
Dance on Coyote Ugly Bar-top Nashville

How do I book a Coyote Bar Top Dance Party for me and my friends?
1. Visit www.missfitacademy.com or call (615) 891-3910
2. Pay your $100 down payment to reserve your party date/time (be sure to reserve early because they book up quickly)
3. Start mentally preparing for one heck of a party!