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Friday, May 22, 2015

7 Things All Pole Dancers Understand

As pole dancing continues to normalize around the world, let's talk about some things we all know to be true.  Add your own comments below!

7. Sweaty palms can ruin your day.
pole dance grip

The only thing worse than sweaty palms is powdery dry hands which hinder all pole work.  Which leads us to our next point…

6. Grip is bae.
grip hands pole dance

It's good to get in the habit of pole dancing without grip. For performances or learning more advanced tricks, though, sometimes grip can literally be a lifesaver. :)

Pro-tip: Sometimes, all you need is a little shaving cream. It doesn't matter which brand, but shaving cream will add just enough moisture to your skin to help stick to the pole. :)

5. We have a love/hate relationship with bruises.

On the one hand, they mean a dancer has advanced towards learning a new move.  On the other, duh, bruises. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the appearance of bruises and help them fade faster. Any gel containing arnica or aloe vera will help, but nothing beats good ole' fashion ice!

4. We can never have too many booty shorts.
pole ance booty shorts
Like these, from Etsy
For when you need all the skin on your thigh but you would also like to cover your entire butt.

3. The excitement of seeing a suitable pole... anywhere.
Street poling in city

STREET POLE!! Finding a good pole in the civilian world is exciting enough that your girlfriend will gladly stand in the middle of the street to get a good picture, no questions asked.

2. Floor work is underrated.
pole dance floor work at Miss Fit Academy

Tricks are exhausting. Staying on the pole for an entire song is killer - and even competitions mandate a minimal amount of floor work. It's your chance to take a breather and luxuriate in your sexy side. Come see our Floorplay class and learn all the sultry in-between moves that can make or break a routine!

1. The thrill of all your hard work paying off, and finally landing a brand new trick.
excited pole dance
We all know this face. It's an occasion when you get to add a new move to your inventory. Break out the cameras because after this face comes several more increasingly sloppy attempts to get a good picture of it!

- Written by JLK

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pole Dancer Answers: All About Grip Aids

A huge part of pole dancing is thinking up new and intricate ways to hold on to the pole with our bodies. But, as we all know, sticking to a pole is not always easy. Sometimes sweaty hands come into play, sometimes the dreaded power dry skin will pop up and we all run for our grip aids. If you're not sure which kind of grip is for you then you have come to the right place, for behold…

This heat activated thermo powder is mighty, indeed!  As you rub your hands together it becomes film-like and tacky.  Mighty Grip is the bees knees for dry hands, not so much for sweaty palms. Mighty Grip also makes gloves for gripping, if you're into that sort of thing.

Used for over 25 years by drummers who needed to hold onto their sticks, this sticky green concoction is actually a refined tree rosin that will turn both sweaty and dry hands into suction cups. Try Honey Pole for the same product without the green coloring.

The only thing worse then sweaty palms is dry, talcum-powder-like skin.  Dewpont Pole is a godsend to those people! It works as a natural moisturizer and mimics the texture of sweat on your skin. It comes in light, medium, and ultra all of which you can get in a variety of glitter colors.  This is not intended for use on sweaty palms.  Ashy people only, please!

Sent from up above to those of us with sweaty hands. According to their website, when someone applies this clear drying antiperspirant lotion they will feel three things happen- "moisture will be drawn from the hands, your hands will then become temporarily sticky, and then will dry and stay dry." Works well with all finishes, and is best applied roughly 30 minutes prior to use.

Another good bet for sweaty hands, works as an antiperspirant and adds a funny texture to your skin. Tends to rub off easily, on you and the pole. Dry Hands tends to leave white streaks on chrome or stainless steel finishes.  These streaks show less on a brass pole, but will need to be cleaned off just the same.

Wax based grip enhancer. Itac is hypoallergenic and made from organic beeswax. Itacs products are broken down into levels 1-4 depending on your grip needs. Itac may not be ideal for brass poles. While it works fine on stainless steel and chrome poles, the wax seems to backfire on the brass and become slick thanks to the poles porousness.

Happy poling!!

- Written by JLK

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Only Nashville Party Spot You Need to Know

 Follow the blinking spire of the Sommet Center and you will find yourself on the only street that you need when you're looking for Nashville night life- Welcome to Broadway.  Many of our bachelorettes report after their parties that they paid for nothing all night because Nashville does love to spoil a bride-to-be. Here's our guide to where to stop and why when a night of fun is on the agenda...
Broadway Street
Not THAT Broadway.

Nashville Broadway
There we go. 

Wanna Bs Karaoke
They have all the liquid courage that you require to get up and sing in front of strangers.  In a city full of full-on trained singers it's not unusual to see some serious talent in this Karaoke bar. Also, of course, drunk, not-so-trained tourists but isn't that part of the charm?

If you're looking for a classy establishment for drinks or dinner then Merchants is your first stop. Merchants is actually two restaurants, a casual area on the bottom and a more upscale dining facility on  top. Portions are hefty at Merchants, so you truly get what you pay for.  Try the duck fat tater tots- they're life giving!

The Stage
Get the traditional Nashville country experience with this Honky Tonk famous for it's live bands. There is no cover charge and in this lively bar you'd better be prepared to yell "YEEHAW!" at least once.

Paradise Trailer Park Resort
Dressed up to look like a delightfully tacky trailer park, this bar features live music, old school Pac-Man games, and all the greasy food that you require when it's 2:30 am and you're drunkity drunk drunk. No judgement here!

Whiskey Bent Saloon

If you hadn't guessed by now, Nashville night life is all about live music.  Whiskey Bent Saloon is one of the places on Broadway where you'll hear blues and rock and roll mixed in with your country. The Saloon is strictly a bar so don't expect a full service restaurant, but if drinks are on the agenda then this bar should be too!

- written by JLK