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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Sultry Summer School Showcase!

This year's Summer School Showcase was on point thanks to the hard work and dedication of our students and teachers. The sold out show was bananas. There were acrobats, hoop artists, pole dancers, hula hoopers, lip sync battles, surprise guests, and someone even won an exclusive bag of goodies courtesy of the show's sponsor, Hustler Hollywood.

Here's my personal favorite quote overheard before the show:
Dancer #1: "I'm so nervous about performing in front of people!"
Dancer #2: "Me too, a little. But this is a safe space to do this. You know everyone's gonna cheer for you!"

Before the show, complementary champagne was available... from a hoop of course!

aerial hoop champagne

As per usual, our enigmatic host, Dasica, was fabulous and funny! After a quick welcome it was SHOWTIME! ::jazz hands::

First, the hoop dancers were out in force. 

If you missed the showcase, this is the face of a performer who has just shocked a room with an amazing hands free drop. If you did spend your Sunday evening with us WASN'T THAT AMAZING?!?

aerial hoop performance

Doubles hoop turned out to be truly acrobatic...
aerial hoop student

Jaw? I'd like you to meet the floor. Our Aerial Silks 101 instructor, Nadia, pulled out a brilliant performance and SANG AT THE SAME TIME! 

The advanced aerial school girls, helmed by Miss Taylor, truly wowed the crowd in the last aerial performance of the night. 

aerial silks group
Here's a link to Taylors blog chronicling her flexibility journey--> https://lazytolimber.wordpress.com
Then it was time for the lipsync game! At which point, obviously, we all went to church. Hallelujah! Even the crowd was entertaining!
lip sync battle
showcase singing

Then it was on to the pole dance room where Pole level two kicked off the poling festivities with a Mean Girls inspired routine.

group pole dance routine

Pole level three blew us all away!

pole dance class level three

Next, we were treated to a dance-off between three male audience members. One of these men is the husband of a pole dancer. Can you guess which one? :)

showcase men

On to the solo performances!  Instructor Catalina Wild brought the house down with her Grease inspired performance!

pole dance solo

pole dance solo at showcase

Kayla showed us strength, grace and absolute seduction!

Kayla - pole dancer

Kayla's pole dance routine

Pole 103 and Boutique instructor Lucee killed it!

pole dancing solo performance

So much shoe envy, you guys.  Kalamity Jane spun into our hearts with this stunning ballerina spin...

Brennan's summer school dance

Leather boots on pole

Jessica knows two things very well: twerking and knee holds.

kneehold on pole
Leg on shoulder
Also, splits.
Miss Pole Tricksee showed the crowd what they could expect to learn in her Floorplay class. So sexy and slinky!

floor work
pole dancer heels
We might all have a shoe problem.
And finally, River Guns showed us how she got her nick name when she brought the house down with her show closing number!

superman move on pole

So if you missed this unforgettable event, just know that it WILL happen again and we hope to see you next time!

performers at summer school show

We promise it will be super fun and a little sassy ;)

Summer School photo booth fun

- Written by JK

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Miss Fit Academy Presents a Summer School Showcase!

Is your summer stretching oooon and oooooooon? Whether you're on summer break or out in the real world, Summer seems to last forever sometimes. Feeling cooped up? Looking for something to do indoors is practically a necessity in the hot, humid days of July in the South.  Come and beat this Nashville heat on July 19th and join us at Miss Fit Academy for our Summer School Showcase!

July 19th, 2015

Class is back in session in a big way at MFA and we guarantee the most fun that you've ever had at summer school! Our students have been training and practicing all summer long and, at 5:30 on July 19th, they will be ready to wow you with exciting feats of athleticism! Not only will our students be preforming, but their teachers will also be performing.

There will be demonstrations of acrobatic aerial silk tricks and agile pole dance performances. Performances will be in groups, duets, and solos throughout the evening.  Doors open at 5:00 pm with the show starting at 5:30 pm. Refreshments and complimentary drinks will be provided, because it isn't a party without!

Tickets are only $5 (members get in free, as always) or you can buy our Teachers Pet VIP Pass for $10 which includes guaranteed seating for the show and an exclusive VIP gift bag overflowing with goodies from Hustler Hollywood! Only 50 tickets are available so order yours at our front desk or on-line today because the most fun you've ever had on a Sunday is right around the corner!

Our dedicated parking lot will have plenty of space, but overflow parking is directed to the lots surrounding us. Miss Fit Academy is located at 265 Hermitage Ave, only a half mile from downtown Nashville!

- Written by JLK

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Independence Day in Nashville, Tennessee

4th of July in NashvilleFireworks are objectively awesome. The origin of fireworks dates back to the Han Dynasty in 200 B.C, predating even gun powder. It is believed that bamboo possibly served as the first firecrackers. Bamboo grows so fast that pockets of air and sap become trapped inside and, when heated, these pocket of air exploded and POOF! firecrackers!

I can't imagine that the first person who unwittingly stumbled upon this phenomenon was anything other than flabbergasted. Today, that aghast reaction has turned into one of joy and celebration. This Independence Day, like all independence days before it, thousands of firework displays will be held all over the United States of America. But... why?

The short answer is because John Adams said so. Which makes a lot of sense with some historical context. During the Renaissance, fireworks became popular thanks in part to figures like Peter the Great and Louis XIV using pyrotechnics in nationalist and imperialist celebrations. It remains popular in Europe and around the world to this day. It's no surprise that Adams would have brought the pomp and circumstance of the day to the first Independence day in 1777.

Aerial Silks at Miss Fit Academy
This year, our very own city of Nashville will be home to the largest fireworks display in the nation. When fireworks can't be found in the city, come see us at Miss Fit Academy for the next best thing. You wanna see colorful hotness flying through the air? As Nashville's only aerial boutique, that's kind of what we do!

We look forward to seeing you in the crowd for some epic fireworks - and we hope to see you in a class too!

- Written by JLK