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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Things a Nashville Native Will Tell You.

We at Miss Fit Academy love our fair city.  We also love our fair students.  We also see our fair share of out-of-town partiers. So if you're planning a trip to the Music City soon, let us drop some knowledge on you... 

Wanna see something cool?
Go have yourselves a hamburger at the Oak Bar and Capitol Grille in the Hermitage Hotel. Try the Jack Daniels Single Barrel exclusive.  Try an Irish Coffee .  Try to find any excuse to go see the men's bathroom.  It won Best Restroom in the US in 2008 so the staff is inclined to let ladies look at the vintage 1910 art deco facilities.
Best Bathroom in the US 2008
photo by Claire Martin

Churches are EVERYWHERE
Sometimes, you will literally see a Christian church on every corner. Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, don't matter. Welcome home! Lest we think Nashville is merely the buckle of the bible belt, we also host two Buddhist temples, several Jewish synagogs, a Bahai center, The Islamic Center of Tennessee, and the Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple.

We're sorry about our weird road system
Map of Nashville
We like to give streets a lot of names. One street blends into another street every few miles or so, it seems… Hillsboro becomes 21st, 8th turns into Rosa Parks, James Robertson Pkwy is also Hwy 11 and Hwy 41, and state road 431 until it turns into Main Street up into the suburbs. It's just a staggering amount of road information, you guys. 

Hipsters are EVERYWHERE
But noooo one knows it.  You could walk up to the most beardly man you've ever seen with his horn rimmed glasses and skinny jeans and ugly-ass sweater and proclaim him a hipster for all the world to go "duh" at.  He wouldn't know what you're talking about.

The Pharmacy has the cure for what ails you
The Pharmacy came on strong winning Best New Restaurant in 2012.  Since then it has been awarded Best Burger 2013 and 2014. It also has a literal soda fountain. GO TO THERE!

Remember these apps when you need transportation 
Whether you imbibe a bit too much or you straight up don't have wheels, Lyft and Uber will take you anywhere.

- written by JLK

Monday, April 13, 2015

Miss Fit Academy; Connect to the Goddess Within

Miss Fit academy lyraRaven on poleOn a pole we can ripple like a waterfall, slink like a cat, or fly like a bird.  This kind of movement is very empowering to women, and also an incredible work out. Miss Fit Academy is a sanctuary to our students where they can reconnect with the innate feminine self and tone not only their bodies, but their spirit as well.

Visit any playground in America and you will find a pole innocently waiting to be spun on and climbed. Firemen slide down poles to save lives.  Gymnasts turn the pole sideways and suddenly any
kind of stigma associated with the pole is gone. But this kind of play need not be reserved only for children, firefighters, gymnasts, or exotic dancers.  It's fun to fling your body around a pole! It' challenging to glide through the air with our aerial silks.  It's child-like and wholly natural to spin in our hoops. But beyond the fun, we guarantee a deeper, more meaningful experience with your workout. Come join us and move as women have moved for millions of years-uninhibited, liberated, and joyful with other women- to bring fertility to their bodies and connect with the goddess within. Come get addicted to nailing a new trick and hearing the other goddesses in class cheer like crazy for you! We are a no judgment, non- competitive, receptive space for women to empower and strengthen themselves.  We welcome every woman. We all need to reconnect with ourselves once in a awhile and when you can simmer like lava or slither like a snake during your workout why wouldn't you!?

Come be part of the fun!!
Miss Fit Academy love's students
We LOVE our students!

- written by JLK

Monday, April 6, 2015

How to Dance in High Heels

Dancing in heels is never a requirement at Miss Fit Academy, but it can be a fun change from your every day grounded footwork.  Dancing in heels might even make you a better dancer. Quick turns and pivots require you to be light on the balls of your feet, a posture that every heel aficionado knows well. The right footwear might be a boon to your dancing skills if you keep a few things in mind.
dance in heels
photo by Hans084

If your goal is to wear platform heels, start out smaller and work your way up inch by inch. Your shoes will wear better if they're about a half size too big to allow for swelling throughout the night.  Any more than that and you run the risk of slipping around in your heels, which isn't exactly conducive to not face planting and isn't that the goal?… just in life? Choose materials such as leather or vinyl that will mold to your feet and bear in mind that a wider base will offer more stability on the dance floor. Keep your posture straight up and down as much as possible.  If you simply must bend over, compensate by shifting your hips backwards.  Practice at home in front of a mirror and take note of any steps that cause you to tilt off balance.

how to dance in high heels
Blasphemy! (photo by Sam Howzit)
When you walk, take small steps don't try to balance on one foot, unless you feel like teetering to your death, which we highly doubt you do. Lightly engage your core to stabilize your whole body whether you're dancing or simply walking.

Our flexibility and balance class is essential to staying upright on your stilts! Barring that a good ole Pilates or yoga class will help strengthen your core and back for a long night of dancing. If you happen to have a pole at your disposal then use it! Dancing in heels is tricky only when you struggle to maintain your balance.  But that's a non issue when you have a pole to hang onto!

For some inspiration on the right heel visit our blog on Shoes For Every Mood

- written by JLK