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Monday, April 6, 2015

How to Dance in High Heels

Dancing in heels is never a requirement at Miss Fit Academy, but it can be a fun change from your every day grounded footwork.  Dancing in heels might even make you a better dancer. Quick turns and pivots require you to be light on the balls of your feet, a posture that every heel aficionado knows well. The right footwear might be a boon to your dancing skills if you keep a few things in mind.
dance in heels
photo by Hans084

If your goal is to wear platform heels, start out smaller and work your way up inch by inch. Your shoes will wear better if they're about a half size too big to allow for swelling throughout the night.  Any more than that and you run the risk of slipping around in your heels, which isn't exactly conducive to not face planting and isn't that the goal?… just in life? Choose materials such as leather or vinyl that will mold to your feet and bear in mind that a wider base will offer more stability on the dance floor. Keep your posture straight up and down as much as possible.  If you simply must bend over, compensate by shifting your hips backwards.  Practice at home in front of a mirror and take note of any steps that cause you to tilt off balance.

how to dance in high heels
Blasphemy! (photo by Sam Howzit)
When you walk, take small steps don't try to balance on one foot, unless you feel like teetering to your death, which we highly doubt you do. Lightly engage your core to stabilize your whole body whether you're dancing or simply walking.

Our flexibility and balance class is essential to staying upright on your stilts! Barring that a good ole Pilates or yoga class will help strengthen your core and back for a long night of dancing. If you happen to have a pole at your disposal then use it! Dancing in heels is tricky only when you struggle to maintain your balance.  But that's a non issue when you have a pole to hang onto!

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- written by JLK

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