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Monday, March 30, 2015

Reasons Why Miss Fit Academy is Nashville's #1 Destination for Bachelorettes

Miss Fit Academy is the hottest place in Nashville to host a truly memorable bachelorette party.  Our state-of-the-art facility is the perfect place for you and up to 29 of your closest friends to celebrate your impending nuptials. Why, you ask?  Well...

Choose From A Variety of Activities

Pole Dance - It can be incredibly fun to indulge your inner stripper for a night with your girlfriends. You'll learn a simple routine and some easy spins to take home and wow your man (or your woman) with. You may need to invest in a home pole, first, though.  Chances are you'll fall in love and come back for classes regularly.

Chair Dance - If you want to bring the inner stripper home but don't want to buy a pole then we recommend our exotic chair dance party.  You and your girls will learn a sultry dance perfect for your special someone.  At the very least, you'll know your friends much more intimately by the time we're done!

Bar Top Dance - Would you rather learn a dance that you can take out with you?  Grab your boots and mosey on over to our Coyote Cabaret party! Many bars will allow and even encourage women to dance on their bar and we've taken all the work out of such a memorable experience!

Aerial Silks and Hoop - If sex appeal is not really appealing and the idea of dancing on a bar gives you nightmares, then you should consider an aerial silk or aerial hoop party.  The apparatuses are exciting and fun to play on - especially with a professional crash mat under you.  Don't worry, nobody in any party climbs above their comfort level (or at all :P)

For pricing and to learn more about packages, visit our website- www.missfitacademy.com

If you've ever wanted to have the club experience without the possibility of creepy club patrons then you will love our phenomenal sound system and professional laser lights.  Both the pole and aerial rooms can (and will) be closed off from the lobby during your parties. The only windows in the aerial room are two skylights and every window in our pole room has black out curtains to ensure privacy for your bachelorette and guests as your dance your hearts out!

Champagne Lounge
At the end of your party, Miss Fit Academy will treat you to a complimentary champagne toast in our champagne lounge.  Sign our guest book and make yourself comfortable on our sexy, leather couches.  Play with our photo props and you'll be sure to leave with some memorable photographs!
aerial silks Miss Fit Academy

We're Green!
If you're conscious of your carbon footprint then you will feel good about booking your party at Miss Fit Academy. We constantly strive to

See more: Miss Fit Academy: Nashville's Lean, GREEN, Aerial Boutique!

Our Amazing Staff
You'll be in good hands with one of our elite instructors during your party.  All of our teachers are trained to maintain the highest safety standards and still ensure that everyone has a good time. Professionalism is job number one in our book so you can rest assured you're getting the best experience money can buy!

- written by JLK

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