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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Music Within

I often encounter women that refuse to dance to a song they don't like and I always say... a good dancer can dance to any song. Now I have proof:

After I wrapped up a private party yesterday, I was asked to join the Urban Tease class to record the girls doing their new dance. Jessica (JAG) choreographed the dance and was a bit more complex than a typical Urban Tease class. It was upbeat, fast and sassy, but the ladies rocked it completely. I was very impressed that they could learn and perform it all in one hour.

After I finished the recording, I had the pleasure of talking with some of the ladies in the class. Two of them really stood out to me. They said they came to class because they were celebrating an upcoming wedding. I then realized that the bride-to-be standing in front of me was deaf. Her friend was translating everything I said via sign language, but she was still able to talk very well even though she couldn't hear anything.

I think my heart just fell on the floor from the surprize. I had just witnessed a woman perform a choreographed dance routine perfectly to the beat of a song she couldn't hear. Not only that, but she couldn't hear what Jessica was saying or instructing throughout the past hour. She picked up everything just by watching.

I am 110% inspired. It was one of those moments when I think GOD, I LOVE MY JOB! I get to meet some amazing people.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Grip it, grip it good!

There are always a plethora of grips floating around the studio. Though I am not a huge fan of grip aids, I understand their purpose and use them on occasion when doing risky moves myself.

I do not recommend them for someone new to pole fitness. As with any new sport or fitness regimen, you need to let your body adjust to the elements. Sweaty, slippery hands are normal when attempting your first spins. You will eventually understand how tight you need to grip the pole and your skin and glands will adjust to your fabulous new hobby.

Once you start advancing and learning to invert, you will need to have a proper grip. If this doesn't happen naturally after practice, seek a grip aid. Bad Kitty Exotic Wear (www.badkittyexoticwear.com) reviewed a handful of grip aids and provided this fantastic chart.

Pole Grip Aid Chart

See Bad Kitty's complete write-up of the products here.

One of our favorites at Urban Studio is iTac2. It is perfect for executing tricky, new pole dance moves, but not recommended for spinning or for sweaty hands/poles. Yes, poles can sweat too! The major downfall of iTac2 is that it can be very difficult to get off of the poles.

A way to improve your grip naturally is to thoroughly warm up. Use your pole to warm up too. A warm pole and slightly sticky (but not too sweaty) body will help you grip the pole.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Private Parties are where it's at!

Gather 3-25 of your best friends and we'll throw you the party of a life time!

Urban Studio offers TEN different types of private dance parties. That's a lot of partying!

One of our most basic parties is the Pole Dancing Party. It includes an hour and 30 minutes of dance instruction, a gift bag for the host or guest of honor and a complimentary bottle of champagne.

Our most popular party is the Seductress Party, which is oh so sultry. It includes chair dance instruction, pole dance instruction, a delicious cake, plates, utensils, a premium gift bag for the host or guest of honor and a complimentary bottle of champagne. That is two hours and 15 minutes of pure sass and a delicious ending.

Urban Studio is THE place to host your private dance party in Nashville. We can customize any party to fit your needs.

We also have the LARGEST and most BEAUTIFUL studio in middle-Tennessee.

Give us a call at (615) 891-3910 or schedule your party directly through our reservation system HERE.

Private Dance Party at Urban Studio