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Friday, April 22, 2016

Tacky Bachelorette Party Penis Accessories and Their Magnificent Counterparts

Lets clarify that we're not using tacky as a pejorative. It's a valid aesthetic. Nashville often thinks of itself as tacky-chic with our-hair-up-to-God country music heritage. Kitsch is cute. Magnificent accessories are rather self explanatory, don't you think? Subjective, sure, but if you can't see the beauty in a mirror ball penis sculpture then we can't help you...

 Miss Fit Academy

Tacky Bonus points if you fill it with hard liquor. This water bottle is exempt from being tacky if filled with life-nourishing water and brought to a soul-nourishing bachelorette dance party ;D

Kinky water bottle

Suddenly, we don't feel like a party is a party without a penis luge. How can a respectable woman have one last fling before the ring without knowing what liquor tastes like through the business end of an ice dick. Every woman deserves to have that knowledge when they marry the love of their lives.

Pinky pecker
Who can't make a crepe paper penis? Should we break it down?
1) make a penis
2) attach black post it notes thusly
3) draw on eyes
4) robot arms optional

Mirror peckers sparkle
PENIS MIRROR STATUE! Accept no other kind of penis statue. We didn't even know that we needed this until just this second.

Edible men's underwear
Like you need an excuse? :P Mama needs her sugar, so we're not complaining.


Pecker lipstick
These Lipsdick lipsticks will surely last longer than the edible man-panty up there, plus it makes us laugh. It's the ultimate penis accessory.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Safety Tips for Travelers

Spring kicks off wedding season and that means bachelorette parties. Miss Fit Academy hosts many, many out-of-town bachelorettes and their entourage from all over the country. In fact, the bulk of our party business has traveled a long time to join us in The Music City.  We meet people from all over the country and we want them to be safe in their travels. Here are a few tips for anybody exploring that vast world out there...

  • travel safety If you're traveling outside your home country, check out the US State Departments website.  It's a great resource even if you're a Brit going spelunking in Mongolia.
  • Don't put your wallet in your back pocket. Don't leave your purse open or draped over the back of a chair.
  • Don't keep all of your money on you. Don't EVER walk around with ALL your cash and consider leaving in the morning with either your debit card OR your credit card, never both. That way you're not left high and dry should you get robbed.
  • Try not to look like an overt tourist, especially if you find yourself where close contact is cultural. ID'ing yourself as an out-of-towner can make you a target for pickpockets and scam artists. Try to blend in. Obviously, don't wear a sari to India if you're not Indian. But maybe don't wear your American flag t-shirt while you wander around snapping pics on your expensive smartphone.
  • Trust your instincts. You know when things aren't right. When that person is being too nice. When something seems too good to be true. When that food is probably gonna be a NOPE. You know....remain a teensy bit skeptical and always listen to your gut.
  • Don't travel with stacks of cash. The Washington Post reports that many states, including Tennessee, have procedures in place to seize large sums of cash from travelers driving in the US (aka Policing For Profit). If you do happen to have $1000+ with you when you get pulled over, keep the interaction brief and respectful, but ask if you are free to go and do not consent to a search of your vehicle.
- written by JLK

Monday, March 14, 2016

An Open Letter To Cat Ladies on Kitty Weddings

Hey, boo's. I think we can agree that we've reached peak internet here but aren't cats just the greatest? They're jewels of fluff and endearment bestowed on us by a loving creator and we are thankful for their furry presence. Buuuuuuuuuut we need to talk about something...

cat wedding
I think we can all agree that Wilfred Brimley up there is dapper, obviously, loved. That being said, please don't marry your cats. It's weird. There's never a time when it's gonna be OK to marry a cat. A German dude actually did this and it was, predictably, WEIRD. A photo-op is one thing, but we will call in a therapist if need be. It's for the good of everyone because we love you. Cat ladies unite.

Bachelorette party
Oh. Now this we will allow! It's cannon, after all. We all kinda want to be cat woman deep down so, if you're gonna marry a cat, this is really the only acceptable way to go about it.

hello kitty

You bring up a good point, cat ladies. So long as there's no inter-species hanky panky going on we say bring on the furries! Hello, Hello kitty!

We at Miss Fit Academy don't profess to know everything about feline nuptials, but we do know a thing or two about throwing an awesome shindig to celebrate the cat-lady bachelorette. We're equal opportunity animal (Dog ladies represent) but we count ourselves among you, cat ladies. We hope to see you when you're looking forward to your own wedding (to a human, preferably)

- written by JLK

Monday, February 29, 2016

Why should Miss Fit Academy host your bachelorette party?

If you live in Nashville, you know all the usual places you could go for a bachelorette party:

1) a bar
2) a strip club?
3) like, a fancy garden party at the Opryland Hotel, maybe...
4) the Maid of Honors living room

All those things are well and good, but if you're looking for a one of a kind experience without the hassle of making it yourself then look no further than Miss Fit Academy, Nashville's only aerial boutique. Bachelorette parties are what we do, here. Well... plus, classes, but we're not talking to the fitness buffs right now (call us!). Spring and Summer are just around the corner and with them come wedding season. Let us hit you with the reasons why:

Pick how you wanna get down
We have something for anyone. If your idea of a good time is learning how to turn your future spouse on with an exotic chair dance? Would you and your lady friends (gay besties always welcome) rather play at being acrobats for a night with an aerial hoop or lyra lesson?

It's Easy
Then just call us! Make an appointment, then show up. Wear or bring clothes that you can move around in and we will take it from there. We'll bring the party, complete with laser lights, a state of the art sound system, plush accommodations, and many times we'll even supply the bubbly. Bring your dancing shoes if you want to (heels, boots, tennis shoes, or bare feet all welcome.)

Our teachers are top notch.
Our teachers love what they do, and they're trained to do it well. Some of our teachers are former Miss Fit students who showed tremendous talent, skill, and, maybe more importantly, were positive with other students and embraced the role of cheerleader to all. Other teachers came to us as trained dancers and blended seamlessly into the studio atmosphere. All are licensed and insured. We guarantee you an experience to remember!

It's the perfect pre-game
If you're in Nashville for a girls weekend or bachelorette bonanza then chances are we would be just one of many stops. Most of our packages (depending on your booking) include a free gift bag for the guest of honor or bride to be. You will never be more hyped about your Big Day then after you and your besties have danced your tushes off with us.

Support local business
Miss Fit Academy is entirely owned and operated locally by women, for women. We live here. We know the ins and outs of what people coming from all over the country want out of a Nashville bachelorette party. We're damn great at it so come be great with us!

- written by JLK

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Valentines Day Leather and Lace Show

Last weekend our brightest students and best professors came out to showcase their skills honed at Miss Fit Academy in Nashville, Tennessee.

First of all, the desserts! Nashville Sweets outdid itself with these marshmallow pops, red velvet and dark chocolate cupcakes. We died and went to heaven before the show even started.

Showcase cupcakes
Almost to beautiful to eat
Chocolate covered marshmallows
Treats from Nashville Sweets

Our fearless hostesses, Ashley and Shelley showed us around the aerial room, and then the fun began...

showcase hosts
Hostesses with the mostesses
aerial silks performance
Starting things off on a high note
aerial silks students
Heart poundingly amazing
aerial hoop students performing
The calm before dat drop...
aerial hoop dance
The crowd can't handle Kim's greatness
invert on aerial hoop
Hands are for beginners
machine gun on aerial hoop
Kasey showing gravity who's boss
Kasey on hoop
and openly carrying Machine Gun
aerial hammock
Kat's just a girl and she's on firrreeeee
showcase performance
literally and metaphorically
hammock dance
Iron T Taylor, aerial Goddess
Taylor's hammock performance

Pandemonium in the aerial room!! Before intermission, we played a little game. Lap dances may have occurred. No one wished that they were at home watching some football game :D

student on pole
Scarlett kicked things off
Group pole dance
a few seconds before Superman glory
Students performing on pole
Candy cane!
Bootique students
wiggle wiggle wiggle
spin pole performance
Spin pole girls might actually be floating
Jessica performing on pole
Brennan performing in leather
pole teacher routine
Everyone's favorite pole mamas closed out the show
We would like to thank everyone who came out to see the show! We have the time of our lives at these shows and will continue to do so. If the day ever comes where we are performing for only ourselves then so be it, the show would maybe be more raucous than usual! ;) Until then everyone over 18 is welcome to attend and have a ball with us. VIP tickets always include a prime seat. Light snacks and complimentary drinks are always in attendance. Until next time!

Group photo

- written by JLK

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Miss Fit Academy Presents A Leather and Lace Showcase!

The time has come for another show from the ladies of Miss Fit Academy!

leather and lace

Not to brag (lol, no. totally to brag) but MFA has seen some pretty spectacular shows in the past! Who could forget the Halloween Horror Shows closing duo between Kasey and Miss Pole Tricksee?

Shot from Halloween 2015 Show
Shot from Halloween 2015 Show
Well, Halloween was only a minute ago, but it's already cupids day in the spotlight. Come join us this Sunday for Leather and Lace, A Miss Fit Academy Valentines Day Event. Valentines Day is right around the corner and what better thing to get your sweetie than one of the remaining few general admission tickets still available? She/he will fall head over heels in love with our very best teachers and brightest students showcasing their talents and doing what they love!

Join us when doors open at 5:00 pm and enjoy some chocolate dipped marshmallow pops, dark chocolate, double chocolate and red velvet cupcakes respectively. Maybe even grab a Drunk In Love cocktail while you wait for the show to start in the aerial room at 5:30, then prepare to be amazed at yet another MFA sky-high showcase!

Sunday, February 7th, 2016
 Doors open at 5:00 pm
 Show starts at 5:30


Miss Fit Academy

265 Hermitage Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37210

We have a dedicated parking lot for our patrons but additional parking is available in the lots adjacent to the studio.

- written by JLK

Thursday, January 21, 2016

5 Things All Pole Dancers Understand

miss fit academy
1.Rubbing Alcohol is the nectar of the gods

Without it we would all just be scrambling up greasy poles. All pole dancers should buy stock in rubbing alcohol as we could solitarily keep the demand up for it, although glass cleaner or vodka works in a pinch

2. Lotion?!?! How dare you suggest it that must not be worn!! ::hissssss::

lotion before pole

PSA: How long has it been since you moistened your skin, girlfriend? Shaving cream works well to put moisture back into skin and wont make you slick on the pole. On the contrary, it works much like grip aid but without the streaky marks or dry hands.

3. Those Perfect Clothes

Booty shorts

You know the ones. They cover all your business and stay in place. The opposite of a unicorn, but still just as rare. Pole dancers need all the skin we can get, yet we also enjoy having our butts covered in public.

4. Pole Kisses

The love/hate you feel for these trophies is complicated. Arnica gel and cold compresses help, but pole dancers take these love pinches in stride because WE EARNED THEM. Bruises mean that a dancer is still pushing to be better and learn new holds, simultaneously rejecting the idea that women should be pretty and smooth and flawless to be attractive. :P Societal norms are so lol

5. Oh, right. I'm not wearing pants...

We can't be the only ones who have needed to run a quick errand on the way home from our pole homes and realized suddenly that hot pants aren't civilian dress code. So what if it's cold in the grocery store- we have other things we'd rather be doing sans pants, anyway :D

- written by JLK