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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pole Dancing Apps - Pole Dancing at your fingertips!

Ever wonder how to become a better pole dancer? Or, maybe you want to learn some new moves but not sure where to start?

Well, if you are not inside a classroom with one of our amazing instructors, try some of these smart phone apps!
iphone pole app
Pocket Pole Studio is one of the highest rated Pole apps you can get! The full version is $6.99 (iTunes & Android), and a “streaming” online version for $1.99 but there is also a lite version so you can get a glimpse of how it works! This app is based out of the UK, and my-oh-my do they love pole dancing! So you know this app is good!

Pocket Pole Studio has lots of great features! You can find every move and watch them on videos that show you how! They also have an online store for some great pole wear!
iphone pole dance
Pole Dancer Pro is another great app available on iTunes. The full version is FREE (my favorite word)! Every move is shown by playing a video with step-by-step instructions. It's great for those who tend to miss a step or somehow mess up since it shows the moves so clearly!
Diva fit iphone dance
One more that I have found very helpful is the DivaFit (iTunes). It is $4.99 and they also offer a “lite” version. This app offers a lot of great videos for spins, combos, tricks, transitions, and even stretches. You can even chose your level and check off moves you've learned so you can master them all!
Flirty fit iphone dance
Maybe you need a little help with your sexy chair dancing skills? Well, there is an app for that! Try out FlirtyFit. It is only $1.99! They also have a “lite” version, but don't be cheap! Just buy the full version because you only get two exercises and two moves in the “lite” version!

This app is great if you can't make it to Urban Studios chair dancing classes! It shows you a bunch of different moves and even shows you exercises to be all loosey goosey for all those great moves!

No matter what you use to find new moves, make sure you still come to our classes to make sure you have a certified instructor making sure your moves are correct so you won't have an injury!
Happy Pole Dancing!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coming to Nashville soon!

In case you haven't heard the news;
If you have never heard of this brand, nor had the opportunity to shop at one of their stores, you are about to have your mind blown!
H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a Swedish based clothing store that offers the best in fashion at affordable prices. Think Nordstrom's look at a Target price! And they offer a big selection of sizes so they can fit everyone! And, they have kids, infant, maternity, men's, and plus sizes!
And, they have big names design for them! Like Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Jimmy Choo, Viktor & Rolf (love love love!), Roberto Cavalli, and Versace!
Here is a sneak peak at some of their selection that you should add to your Pole Fitness wardrobe as soon as they open:
Sports Bra - This is a seamless, light support sports bra that is breathable and has adjustable shoulder straps. Perfect for comfort and functionality!
Comes in three colors and is only $14.95!
Tank top
Tank Top - This fitted stretch jersey tank is the perfect option for practicing some moves! Comes in many great colors and is only $5.95!
Yoga pants
Crop Sports Pants - These 3/4 length, stretch jersey sports pants are great for Sexy Flexy Stretch class! Comes in two colors and only $17.95!
Enough of the sporty stuff! Let's look at some of their fun, sexy looks to wear after a good pole workout;
Dress - This fun sleeveless, fitted dress would be great to wear downtown for a fun night of drinks and dancing! Comes in this fun, floral pattern or a sexy black pattern. Only $39.95!
Floral Leggings - These adorable floral leggings are made of a glossy jersey and have an elasticized waistband. They would look perfect under an over sized sweater with some suede heels! Only $9.95!
Flowy Floral
Floral Blouse - This adorable floral sleeveless blouse  is made of chiffon and has a ruffle hem. Super cute and great for an afternoon date! Also comes in a black floral print. Only $17.95!
In case you haven't noticed, floral patterns are BIG in their Spring collection!
And they don't offer everything on their website that they offer in their stores, so what is on their website is just a taste of what they really offer!
So, if you are not super excited about this store coming, check your pulse because you might be dead! And keep looking for updates on the grand opening!

Aerial Silks... almost, but not quite

I want to give everyone a quick update on our aerial silks classes…

I have analyzed the different types of rigging that would work for our silks classes and have some options we could pursue, but I also uncovered some issues with the structure of the building we are in. Even though our ceilings are the hardest concrete my contractors have ever witnessed, I still don't feel 100% comfortable anchoring our silks through it knowing the roof above it needs work. I absolutely will not compromise on safety.

So...while the silks are here and ready play with, we have decided to hold off on these classes until we find a facility that is more structurally appropriate for this type of activity. I will keep you all posted on where we decide to offer our silks classes. For now, keep rockin our poles and flirty fitness classes!

Coming soon to Urban Studio

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Resolution Reality-Check

It's 17 days into the New Year....Are you one of the over 50% of American's who resolved to slim down, tone up, or just feel better about your body? If so...how's that resolution coming along?

Well, here's some motivating news that might get you going.   *Drum Roll*

Women who participate in group classes have a better chance of achieving their body goals! (Especially Pole-fitness classes!)

Not only do women in group classes get a better body, but they also gain friends, confidence, and some new tricks along the way! What's better than losing weight, gaining self esteem, and gaining great gal-friends? How about Ryan Reynolds naked in your bed? Well, duh! But seriously though, get Ryan Reynolds naked in my bed ;)

Anywho, when participating in a group exercise class, you tend to push yourself harder. Why? Doing things as a group gives you a psychological bond because the group is going through and doing the same thing and likely have similar goals. Not only do you push yourself more, you have a stronger commitment to do it more often and not give up. Working out alone often gives you opportunities to cut it short or just give it up all together. You have a greater sense of accountability and therefore come to classes more often.

Still not motivated? How about paying for classes? Women who pay for a class or membership are much more likely to shed some pounds. Memberships make you feel like you'd be wasting money if you didn't go and participate.

So get out there and join a group fitness class. Become that lean, mean, hot-girl machine you always dreamed of being and feel sexy doing it!
These are just a few of the group classes that Urban Studio has to offer: Beginner Pole Dance, Exotic Chair Dance, Booty Pop & Clap, Sexy Flexy Stretch, Intermediate/Advanced Pole Dance, Booty Pop & Pole, Zumba, Video Vixen and more!
For information on our classes, click HERE.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Your Bachelorette Pole Party - planning tips

If you are looking for a SEXY bachelorette party idea, then a pole dancing bachelorette party may be the right choice for you! Many bachelorettes are opting for this new favorite party activity in Nashville.

Pole dancing parties are super fun and the perfect way to celebrate with the girls before you say I DO! What is a pole party? Visit our website for complete package descriptions, pricing and scheduling info.

See below for a list of party ideas and help in planning the BEST POLE DANCING PARTY EVER!

Step 1: Pick a theme for your party:

A few theme Ideas for the Nashville Bride...
  • Sexy in the city - a girls weekend of wining, dining and exploring
  • Lingerie/Sin City - naughty attire (corsets, satin and lace)
  • Bright and Beautiful 80's - neon wigs and fishnets
  • Classy and Sassy - black cocktail dresses and martinis
  • Nash Trash - gettin' shitty in music city! Matching shirts and shot glasses
  • Yeeee Haw! Cowgirl's last ride before she's a bride - Honky tonks and bull riding

Step 2: Find a sexy invitation:

 ~ Evite offers a decent selection of e-card bachelorette party invitations. Not only are the designs sleek, but you can also track attendance and easily update information.

~ Get in touch with your crafty side and create adorable DIY bachelorette invitations. Just go to www.pinterest.com and type "Bachelorette Invitation" into the search box and you will find tons of fabulous DIY card ideas.  

~ Opt for easy and order one of these professional, sultry invitations from the Paper Divas, which we LOVE! Grab some stamps and go the traditional snail mail route.

~ If you haven't found what you're looking for yet, check out these 50 Bachelorette Party Invitations by Squidoo.

Step 3: Attire Preparations:

Decide on the theme attire and fill everyone else in on the details. Remember to wear something you can move around in. If the party is a surprise, pack a bag for the bachelorette so she has something to wear at her pole party, such as shorts, a tank and a pair of heels - they can even be a gift to her.

Already booked your party and waiting with anticipation for the big day? Test your skills with this pole dancing game.

Take a break from the bars and clubs where the same thing happens every night and schedule your pole dancing party today! Book Now