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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Aerial Silks... almost, but not quite

I want to give everyone a quick update on our aerial silks classes…

I have analyzed the different types of rigging that would work for our silks classes and have some options we could pursue, but I also uncovered some issues with the structure of the building we are in. Even though our ceilings are the hardest concrete my contractors have ever witnessed, I still don't feel 100% comfortable anchoring our silks through it knowing the roof above it needs work. I absolutely will not compromise on safety.

So...while the silks are here and ready play with, we have decided to hold off on these classes until we find a facility that is more structurally appropriate for this type of activity. I will keep you all posted on where we decide to offer our silks classes. For now, keep rockin our poles and flirty fitness classes!

Coming soon to Urban Studio

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  1. I love how concerned Miss Fit Academy is with our safety!