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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jaw dropping pole dance moves

Also known as: I'm ridiculously flexible


The name of this Jaw dropping pole move isn't intended to inspire snickering, although it probably does.  Instead, it's based on a method of preparing poultry, where the bird is filed by removing the backbone and flattened before cooking. The originator of the Spatchcock pole move, the legendary Felix Cane, might be accused of having her backbone tampered with because she's bendier than a hot rubber slinky. Back in 2008, this was the move of the moment that had pole dancers all over the world replaying the Youtube video over and over and over because DAAAAAAAAAAAMN.

Also known as: The Airwalk... it's literally the only airwalk

Believe it or not, this girl had us all walking on air. This sequence is so neat that it ended up in Rock of Ages. We saw this signature move and knew instantly who the dancer was - as if a run of the mill Vegas stripper would ever be confused with Miss Jenyne Butterfly, winner of the first United States Pole Dancing Federation Championship. Can we talk about control? Some videos of Jenyne even come with a disclaimer that she isn't indeed walking down some invisible structure and that she really is just that amazeballs.

Iron X
Also known as: The flag, X Man
Iron X

Unlike the Spatchcock or the Airwalk, it's difficult to attribute the Iron X to any one dancer. In fact, the Iron X may even go back to traditional Chinese pole dancing. It's just kinda been around ever since anyone was strong enough to do it. It's a mainstay in competitions, done in heels, bare feet, pointed toes, flat feet, full splits or not, and this one guy who does it with a girl on his ribs. Impressive!

Iron X

This pose is approachable enough that many dancers with ab of steel can achieve its greatness. If you can do the Iron X, congratulations! Your muscles are top notch and you should be greeted with applause whenever you walk your bad ass self into class.

The Deathlay
Also known as: ceiling crucifix, the Kennedy


Yes, we pole dancers dance on the ceiling. Gravity is just a suggestion. Not even physics can hold us down. The floor is so 2006. Yes, we did drop from heaven and may not have made it to the ground yet. *mic drop*

The Arched Rainbow
Also known as: The diva dive, sicilian carp, rainbow marchenko, the nope nope nope
Arched Rainbow

There's just so much going on here. Never mind the tremendous flexibility that a dancer needs to achieve this level of excellence. She also needs a superhuman amount of strength because nothing is holding her on the pole other than her bottom hand, a little bit of skin and possibly some witchcraft. The amount of flexibility needed here is pretty gut wrenching. You almost have to be Gumby to pull this one off. And if you're not careful, this will literally be a jaw dropping pole move. Yikes!

Also known as: The Duchess, DeVille, Jamilla Split, Jade Splits
Jade Split

Sort of like a mis-arched rainbow, the Jade is usually attributed to Jamilla DeVille, hence the name.  I like to refer to this as The Most Pain Your Thigh Has Ever Been In move because it's deceptively excruciating. It is a real test of flexibility and if your lines are as flat and smooth as Jamilla's, it is sure to be a jaw dropping move!

- written by JLK