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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chic makeup for a savvy pole dancer and cat eye tutorial

Affordable chic makeup - recommendations for a savvy pole dancer

I love my Urban Decay, MAC, and Smashbox brand makeup, but when I heard about a line that was way cheaper I had to give it a try!  I was looking for a good gel liner before an upcoming pole performance, and a friend told me about Elf (e.l.f. for eyes, lips, face).  Elf carries many products for a very affordable price, with many products priced at $3.00 including the gel eyeliner that I bought! I will invest in a good foundation and a great palate of eye shadows, but for the essentials like eyeliner, I am an Elf girl all the way.  You can find it easily at target or online. 
Elf Cosmetics
So far, I’ve tried their pencil liner, mascara, and gel liner all of which I love.  My favorite right now is the gel liner because of its staying power.  It comes with a small applicator brush in a tiny pot, but mine still hasn’t run out and I’ve had it for a year now.  I have heavy eyelids and slightly oily skin, so without eye primer my eyeliner starts smearing up to my crease especially during a sweaty performance or pole class!  Even without the eye primer the gel liner stays in place and doesn’t smear, yet it’s easy to take off with makeup remover. 

Cat Eye Look

My favorite look to do with it is the pin-up girl cat eye.  Here’s how to achieve this look:

1.      Dip the applicator brush into the liner and dab off the excess on the edge of the jar or tissue.

2.      Trace the brush thinly across your lashes from the inner corner to the outside.

3.      Angle your brush to the upwards diagonal at the outer corner of your top lid and draw a thin line using the curve of your lower lid meeting your upper lid as guidance on the steepness of the line.

4.      Connect the line from your upper lid to the diagonal line on the outer corner to finish the angled look of the cat eye.

5.      Tip:  For more drama make the line on the top lid thicker and extend the diagonal line out longer and pair it with either a bright red lipstick or smoky eye shadow.

- written by JAG