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Monday, March 30, 2015

Reasons Why Miss Fit Academy is Nashville's #1 Destination for Bachelorettes

Miss Fit Academy is the hottest place in Nashville to host a truly memorable bachelorette party.  Our state-of-the-art facility is the perfect place for you and up to 29 of your closest friends to celebrate your impending nuptials. Why, you ask?  Well...

Choose From A Variety of Activities

Pole Dance - It can be incredibly fun to indulge your inner stripper for a night with your girlfriends. You'll learn a simple routine and some easy spins to take home and wow your man (or your woman) with. You may need to invest in a home pole, first, though.  Chances are you'll fall in love and come back for classes regularly.

Chair Dance - If you want to bring the inner stripper home but don't want to buy a pole then we recommend our exotic chair dance party.  You and your girls will learn a sultry dance perfect for your special someone.  At the very least, you'll know your friends much more intimately by the time we're done!

Bar Top Dance - Would you rather learn a dance that you can take out with you?  Grab your boots and mosey on over to our Coyote Cabaret party! Many bars will allow and even encourage women to dance on their bar and we've taken all the work out of such a memorable experience!

Aerial Silks and Hoop - If sex appeal is not really appealing and the idea of dancing on a bar gives you nightmares, then you should consider an aerial silk or aerial hoop party.  The apparatuses are exciting and fun to play on - especially with a professional crash mat under you.  Don't worry, nobody in any party climbs above their comfort level (or at all :P)

For pricing and to learn more about packages, visit our website- www.missfitacademy.com

If you've ever wanted to have the club experience without the possibility of creepy club patrons then you will love our phenomenal sound system and professional laser lights.  Both the pole and aerial rooms can (and will) be closed off from the lobby during your parties. The only windows in the aerial room are two skylights and every window in our pole room has black out curtains to ensure privacy for your bachelorette and guests as your dance your hearts out!

Champagne Lounge
At the end of your party, Miss Fit Academy will treat you to a complimentary champagne toast in our champagne lounge.  Sign our guest book and make yourself comfortable on our sexy, leather couches.  Play with our photo props and you'll be sure to leave with some memorable photographs!
aerial silks Miss Fit Academy

We're Green!
If you're conscious of your carbon footprint then you will feel good about booking your party at Miss Fit Academy. We constantly strive to

See more: Miss Fit Academy: Nashville's Lean, GREEN, Aerial Boutique!

Our Amazing Staff
You'll be in good hands with one of our elite instructors during your party.  All of our teachers are trained to maintain the highest safety standards and still ensure that everyone has a good time. Professionalism is job number one in our book so you can rest assured you're getting the best experience money can buy!

- written by JLK

Monday, March 23, 2015

Guide to a Great Nashville Girls Weekend

Nashville is quickly becoming a favorite weekend get away spot.  Be it a bachelorette or birthday party or for no reason what so ever, Nashville is the prefect destination for all kinds of fun. This guide will point you in the right direction - and we're happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments below!
Nashville skyline
photo by Kaldari

Where to Stay:
Opryland Hotel
Located 20 minutes from downtown Nashville, the Opryland Hotel is a sprawling oasis of luxury within walking distance of the Oprymills mall and the Grand Ole' Opry. This hotel offers a unique experience of throwing open your balcony doors under a glass covered atrium with waterfalls and palms and exotic flowers. Restaurants and shopping abound- you could easily choose to never leave the hotel and still have an amazing weekend!

Sheraton Nashville Downtown
If a more urban locale is more to your taste, then look no further than the Sheraton.  Recently renovated, the hotel is done in a country contemporary style and the rooms are reasonably priced for a five star experience.  You won't get nearly the frills that you would find at Opryland, but you're front and center to all that Nashville has to offer.

Where to Eat: 
Pancake Pantry- Be prepared to wait in line and be happy about it.
400 Degrees- Varied degrees of spicy chicken so good it'll ruin KFC for you for life.
Loveless Cafe- If you're looking for down-home southern fare, look no further.
The Silly Goose- Here you could ask your server where the veggies in your lunch came from and they could give you directions to the farm.

Where to Drink:
Robert Western World- For when you only have time for one honky tonk.
Bourbon Street- Looking for blues and boogie? This is the place!
Station Inn- Casual atmosphere with great live music.
Corsair Distillery- The microbrewery has both a bar and tours of where they made your drink of choice.

Where to Play: 

Ryman Auditorium- A not-to-be-missed acoustical gem with a ton of history.
Escape Game- Work as a team and try to solve puzzles to escape one of several themed rooms.
Frist Center for Visual Arts-A world class museum with rotating exhibits.
Miss Fit Academy- Nashville's leading aerial boutique is the place to go when you'd like to experience what it's like to have the club all to yourself or want to try areal silks or hoops, learn a sexy chair dance or a bar dance that you can take straight to Coyote Ugly!

Parthenon Nashville Athena
Athena in all her gaudy glory!
Cheekwood-  55 acres of botanical gardens with frequent quirky art installations and a gorgeous 1920s limestone mansion.
Belle Meade Plantation- 30 sprawling acres featuring a winery, a dairy, a stable, a mausoleum, and more gentile southern history then you can shake a Confederate flag at.
The Parthenon- Don't ask us why, but Nashville is home to a scale replica of the Greek Parthenon, complete with a 30 foot high statue of Athena.  It's pretty random, but that's what makes it fun!
The Hermitage- The historic home of our seventh president, Andrew Jackson.  This stop is perfect for history buffs or fans of whacky crazy-eyed antics, which Jackson was famous for.

Who to Tour with:
Homes of the Stars- Do not miss this if you're a fan of country music. You might spy Trace Adkins unloading groceries or Garth Brooks fishing on his pond.
Music City Trolly Hop- This one hour hop-on-hop-off customized tour hits all the spots that you should see in our fair city such as the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Ryman, and the State Capital.
Nashvilles Unpublished Walking Tour- This offers the rest of the story that you won't hear on most tours.  Learn about all the villains, scoundrels, whores, and shade-meisters that color Nashville's history.

We hope you enjoy our amazing city and come to love it as much as we do!

- written by JLK

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Animals Who Are Totally Nailing This Pole Dancing Thing

What's better than pole dancing? Animal pole dancing!! Enjoy the most adorable, cuddly animals on poles pictures ever! You're welcome.

Chinese Acrobat
Pole dancing panda
Pole dancing panda from Malaysia

Who needs to mate to save your own species when you could pole dance? Somebody hook this panda up with a sponsorship, because with moves like that he (or she, we guess) could be a world champion. Granted, he/she is probably just standing on that fence, but if not? PAGING X-POLE!

Floorwork Kitteh
Pole dancing cat
Groovin kitty from www.gopoleorgohome.com

Pole dancers are often referred to as "feline" for a reason… this is not really that reason. This particular cat might not be slow and sexy but she is damn adorable and we like that in a kitten. Also, we have literally gone over how to do this in our Floorplay and Flow class, so keep practicing little baby, your instincts are good! :)

Squirrely Whirly
pole dancing Squirrel
                           Squirrel by Ali Taylor

Ever seen a squirrel trying to get into one of those spinning bird feeders?  We're telling you, squirrels are a pole dancers spirit animal - they're constantly upside down, their tails roll all over the place, and their grip strength is unreal.

The OG Pole Climber
frog pole dance
Frog by Lessy Sebastian
Yeah, well we could all be amazing pole dancers if we had Velcro pads on our fingers that stick to literally everything, couldn't we? We're not hating on the little frog, though.  Lord knows humans would have high gravity suction cup fingers if we had to sleep on reeds like this teeny amphibian.

Tree Pangolin pole dance
Tree Pangolin courtesy of Zimbart
A prehensile tail?  That is not fair! We're going to petition Mother Nature for another appendage. Consequently, it's actually not a dragon.  It's a Tree Pangolin, native to central Africa and are often referred (to their face,  even) as "A Scaly Anteater."

Puppy Pole
dog pole dance
Photo from CollegeHumor.com
We didn't know a dog could even do this. We don't think our mascot, Toots, could do this.  She would probably just plop down to the floor and shake her doggy head and look at us like we were total jerks.  THIS GUY, THO! Wook at his wittle adorable facey-wacey! Who's a good pole dancer?  WHO'S A GOOD POLE DANCER? You are! Yes, you are! It's just too cute.  We're gonna die. We're dying.  We've died.  We're dead.

Slow Loris
Slow Loris pole dances

- written by JLK

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bachelorette Party Cakes Gone Wild: Explicit Masterpieces Beyond Penises

Let's face it, bachelorette parties put penis cakes on the map. We've all seen them. So let's go above and beyond. Let's look at some other inappropriate cakes that will make your guests scream at your naughty novelty deliciousness!

To Have & To Hold
To Have & To Hold by Great Bakes
photo from Pintrest
We think this cake is cute. Something about the cartoon blush on Mr. Dick's shy face makes it seem like *this* is very female-initiated. Ladies, go forth and get yours - while your'e at it, enjoy this hilarious caricature of your personal life. The lips, the tongue, and the bride are all (hopefully) very much in charge of their sexual destiny and this cake celebrates that. His little smile is just too "Awww, shucks!" to resist.

SPOILER ALERT: Don't read any further unless you're prepared to see goofy cartoon porn that you can also eat.

Naughty With Extra Sides Of Naughty
Sensational Cakes

Well, we warned you. This cake really just got down to business. It promises a life of…um… wedded bliss to a lucky bachelorette, and, after all, isn't that what we all want for our friends? Go ahead, itty-bitty marzipan people - do you're little married thing. Somebody's prolly' gonna eat you soon, though…

Booty Cake Numero Dos

Nicki Minaj Booty Cake

In 2015, butts are so in-style we needed two cakes to hold all dat ass. So, while we probably don't need to introduce it, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Nicki Minaj Cake


Vagina Cupcakes
Cupcakes by Dora Savage

Our first installment of inappropriate bachelorette party penis cakes featured cupcakes for every size and color penis, and these artistic creations would compliment them oh so well! Each one is a beautiful, subtle flower for your guests to nosh on. We're always down to celebrate the beauty in every woman!  They look delicious - even the ones with "blood" on them.. Yikers! (points to the baker for such realism)

- written by JLK

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Naughty Bachelorette Party Games for Nice Girls

Miss Fit Academy bachelorette
Bachelorette party games run the gambit from appropriate for grandma to an absolute moratorium on pictures and social media. Miss Fit Academy wants all kinds of girls to have a great time at their Bachelorette party. Our favorite activity for bachelorettes should be obvious. To make sure things get as rowdy as you wanna be, we've rated these games G-X.

G: Bridal Taboo
Wedding Taboo is played just like the board game Taboo - two teams each have to guess the word on the card without the player saying a set of listed words.  For example, if the word is "Wedding Dress", then the words they can't say could include "white, bride, gown, married, fancy."

PG: Hot-Potato
Ryan Gosling Hey GirlProcure some interesting clothes before hand. Shirts, pants, skirts, and the like are fine, but try to include some curve balls like bras, hats, puffy dresses, or gloves to keep people laughing.  Divide your guests into two teams and give them each a garbage bag full of clothes. The bag is passed around and each girl pulls out a piece of clothing and quickly puts it on - first team to get all of their clothes on wins!  Don't forget to take pictures.

PG-13:  Ex-Charades
This works especially well if the bride has a group of old friends who have been with her for awhile. Divide your guests into two teams and take turns pretending to be one of the brides ex-boyfriends (or ex-girlfriends), old flames or crushes. You may even want to include some celebrity crushes that everyone is sure to know! You can start with Ryan Gosling, because duh.

R: Cucumber Cock
When you venture to the grocery store to stock up on party snacks, be sure to grab a cucumber for each of your guests. No one will know that the veggies will soon be more phallic than they already are because these cucumbers will be used to play one of our favorite games! Each guest will use their teeth to carve penises out of their cucumbers.  If you wanna get creative, you can also use an apple to carve into lady bits. The most realistic wins!

X: Naked Butler
If you're ready to get X-rated, you may as well hire you a stripper! ...but that's been done.  What's better than a hot naked dude dancing? A hot naked dude serving you and your friends food and drinks all night! Butlers in the Buff  has men on standby just waiting to mix your drinks, serve you food, and play party games with your guests all night long. Looks can be tailored to fit your theme but standard attire is an apron, bow tie, and cuffs.  May we recommend you bring your butler to your Miss Fit Academy party? Ha! Kidding.  Party on, ladies!

- written by JLK