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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bachelorette Party Penis Cakes: The Art of the Inappropriate Masterpiece

Anybody can write "Here cums the bride" or "To have and to hold" or even (our personal favorite) "Wishing you lots of hapPENIS" on a phallic cake.  It takes someone truly skilled to take the distasteful fun up a notch!  Miss Fit Academy sees many brides-to-be dance through their doors so, for all of the bachelorettes out there, here are some of our very favorite sweet and naughty concoctions:

The Pop Out
The Pop Out Penis Cake
Just friendly little Richard popping out to say "Hello!"  It's hard not to be happy about those pink boxer shorts and the welcoming, goofy grin. The enthusiastic wave is charming and whimsical and what we imagine a penis would be doing if it had hands. This cake is just adorable and sure to put a smile on your bachelorette party guests faces.

Every Sperm is Sacred
Every Sperm is Sacred
Let's reassemble some dignity after that last cake, shall we?  While not technically a "penis" cake, this tasteful three tiered delicacy still gets the point across. The butterflies escorting the little swimmers gives it a classy, feminine feel. This one transcends the bachelorette party genre and might even be appropriate for a baby shower!

Leftover Penis Cake Pan?

Penis Cake Pan Ideas
At the end of the day, you can always bake your own penis cake.  But a penis cake pan is no one hit wonder. Above are some great alternative cakes that can be made with a little imagination.  Other ideas include a spaceship, a light house, maybe a christmas tree, the Washington Monument, and even a balloon bouquet

penis cake

Scrotum+ Coconut <:D Good night everybody!

-written by JLK

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